Police say they still can’t access Alec Baldwin’s cell despite warrant

Police say they still can’t access Alec Baldwin’s cell despite warrant
Nearly a month after a search warrant was issued, police confirm they still don’t have the director’s phone

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office has issued a statement confirming that Alec Baldwin’s cell phone has not been turned over to the authorities, nearly a month after a search warrant was issued.

Authorities are trying to obtain the actor and director’s phone to help in their investigation of the Rust shooting, which occurred in New Mexico on 21 October during filming.

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins lost her life after being shot by a prop gun held by Alec Baldwin during a scene.

The sheriff’s office had its warrant approved on 16 December and stated that it had been in contact with Mr Baldwin’s lawyer to obtain consent to retrieve the phone on 20 December. The phone is yet to be received.

On Saturday, Mr Baldwin said that any suggestion that he is not complying with the investigation is a “lie”.

He said on Instagram that specifying exactly what is needed is a timely process. “They can’t just go through your phone and take your photos, or your love letters to your wife, or what have you,” he said.

Mr Baldwin has previously said in interview that he didn’t know the gun he was holding on the set of Rust contained a live round. Police are looking for text messages, images, videos, calls or any other information to aid the investigation.

“Any suggestion that I am not complying with requests or orders or demands or search warrants about my phone, that’s bulls**t, that’s a lie,” said Mr Baldwin.