Meningsmålingen sier at flertallet av amerikanerne går tilbake til Trumps hjem i Mar-a-lago – følg live

Meningsmålingen sier at flertallet av amerikanerne går tilbake til Trumps hjem i Mar-a-lago - følg live
Former lawyer also speculated Jared Kushner may have tipped off FBI about stashed papers

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Michael Cohen says Trump kept Mar-a-Lago documents as ‘bargaining chip’

As he considers whether to mount a 2024 presidential campaign, Mike Pence told an audience that he would consider testifying before the 6 January select committee if invited.

“If there’s an invitation to participate, I would consider it,” he reportedly said on Wednesday morning. “It would be unprecedented in history for a Vice President to be summoned to testify on Capitol Hill, but as I’ve said, I don’t wanna prejudge.”

Mr Pence’s former chief of staff, Marc Short, has already testified to both the select committee and a grand jury convened by the Justisdepartementet to investigate the attempt to overthrow Joe Biden’s victory.

Tomorrow will see a court hearing on whether or not to unseal the affidavit that provided justification for the search. The Department of Justice has rebuffed demands to release the document, warning that it could “chill” future efforts to secure witness cooperation.

i mellomtiden, Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has speculated that his ex-boss may have kept secret documents at Mar-a-Lago to use as a bargaining chip if and when he is arrested for alleged felonies.

A new poll shows the majority of Americans support the FBI’s raid on the Trump Palm Beach estate.


Top Democrat wants answers on investigation into embattled Homeland Security watchdog

A top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee is demanding answers about an investigation into the Department of Homeland Security vakthund who has been accused of aiding efforts to cover up text messages sent and received by Donald Trump’s protective detail on the day a mob of his supporters stormed the US Capitol.

In a letter to Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency chair Kevin Winters, Representant Gerry Connolly said he has “serious concerns” about the “continued silence” coming from the committee regarding DHS Inspector General Joseph Cuffari in the wake of multiple reports indicating that Mr Cuffari, an appointee of Mr Trump, failed to notify Congress that text messages from Mr Trump’s protective detail had been deleted despite requests that they be preserved.

Andrew Feinberg reports:


The investigations Donald Trump is facing

Here is a partial list of the key probes involving Mr Trump and where they currently stand following an unprecedented FBI raid at his Palm Beach, Florida home at Mar-a-Lago på 8 august.


Pence would consider giving evidence before January 6 komité

Tidligere visepresident Mike Pence says he would consider giving evidence before the House January 6 select committee if he were to receive an invitation to appear before the panel.

The former vice president, who became a target of the pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol on the day kongress certified his and Donald Trump’s defeat at the hands of Joe Biden, was speaking at a “Politics and Eggs” breakfast event in New Hampshire on Wednesday when he was asked if he’d be willing to appear before the select committee.

“I would consider it," han sa.

Andrew Feinberg reports.


Elon Musk gives advice to Republicans at secretive GOP conclave- rapportere

Elon Musk advised the Republicans and donors on Tuesday to present a more compassionate front to voters as well as immigrants like himself during a secretive retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Axios reported.

The business mogul said the country would be more prosperous if Republicans “stayed out of people’s bedrooms” and Democrats stayed “out of people’s wallets,” attendees of the event said.

"For å være tydelig, I support the left half of the Republican Party and the right half of the Democratic Party!” he tweeted before attending the event.

Mr Musk was a personal guest of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy at the annual donor retreat.


Cheney says she’s ‘thinking about’ White House run

Liz Cheney has said that she’s “thinking about” a hvite hus løpe, in her first interview after losing her primary to a Trump-backed opponent.

De Wyoming Republikansk noted that there was a huge swing compared to her last primary win. She noted that she won the 2020 contest by 73 prosent, but in last night’s race, she lost by roughly 37 prosent.

She said that “the path” to winning again was clear but that she would have had to “perpetuate the big lie” that the 2020 valget ble stjålet, which she has been unwilling to do ever since former president Donald Trump started making baseless claims of a rigged vote in the lead-up to the 2020 valg.

Gustaf Kilander reports.


Trump may release surveillance footage from FBI search at Mar-a-Lago, rapporten sier

Donald Trump might release surveillance footage of FBI agents executing a search warrant at his Mar-a-Lago residence, his son Eric Trump and aides have said, ifølge rapporter.

Allies of Mr Trump are pressuring him to make the footage of the raid public, people familiar with the development told CNN.

The CCTV footage is being held so closely that no one apart from his attornies or Mr Trump himself has seen it full, said a person close to Trump.

“I don’t think it’s been shared by anyone outside of the attorneys,” this person said.

But the proposal to release the footage has received a mixed response from people inside his inner circle.

Eric Trump also teased the idea of Mr Trump releasing the footage when he was asked by Fox’s Sean Hannity whether it would be made public.

“Absolutely Sean, at the right time,sa sønnen hans.


Trump’s financial officer’s plea deal could make him a prosecution witness

Donald Trump’s legal woes continue to mount as his chief financial officer might be required to testify about illicit business practices at the former president’s company.

Allen Weisselberg is expected to plead guilty to tax violations on Thursday after being charged with taking more than $1.7m in off-the-books compensation from the Trump Organization.

The CFO is expected to take a plea deal that would require him to testify against Mr Trump, speak about the company’s role in the alleged compensation arrangement and possibly serve as a witness when the Trump Organization goes on trial in October on related charges, sources told the Associated Press.

Weisselberg, 75, is likely to receive a sentence of five months in jail and could be required to pay about $2m in restitution, including taxes, penalties and interest, the people said.

If that punishment holds, Weisselberg would be eligible for release after about 100 dager.


Matt Gaetz’s GOP opponent releases campaign ad suggesting he was Mar-a-Lago informant

A Republican primary challenger to Florida Kongressmedlem Matt Gaetz has launched an ad accusing the far-right representative of tipping off the FBI about documents stored at Donald Trump’S Mar-a-Lago hjem.

Mark Lombardo, a Vietnam veteran and former FedEx executive, claims in the ad that Mr Gaetz has an animus against Mr Trump because the president declined to grant him a blanket pardon, which he reportedly sought both before and after the events of 6 januar 2021.

Andrew Naughtie has the story:


ICYMI: With Trump endorsement, Palin advances to November election for sole Alaska House seat

Sarah Palin, a former Alaska governor who has staged her race for the state’s open congressional seat as a revival of her political career after more than a decade spent out of elected office, will advance to the November general election.

Alaska, whose electorate approved a process being used for the first time in the state, has opted to do away with traditional party hoved races in favour of ranked choice voting, which will instead send the top four candidates – regardless of political party – to the general election.

As of Tuesday morning, based on the votes tabulated, the House primary race in November will include Ms Palin, Democrat Mary Peltola and Republican Nick Begich on the ballot. The fourth slot, derimot, remained too early to call.

Joanna Chisholm is following the results.


Trump resisted advisers’ calls to return White House documents

Donald Trump was warned that the records he was holding on to were illegally retained, but the former president refused to give them back because he disagreed with that assertion, a new report claims.

New York Times rapporterte on Tuesday that Mr Trump flat-out refused to return boxes of documents, including some that apparently were marked classified, when approached by his former deputy White House counsel, Patrick Philbin.

John Bowden reports.

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