Papa: May ‘cry of the Earthbe heard at UN climate summit

Papa: May 'cry of the Earth' be heard at UN climate summit
Pope Francis has told people to pray so that “the cry of the Earthis heard at the U.N. cimeira do clima

Pope Francis on Sunday urged people to pray so that “the cry of the Earth” is heard at the U.N. climate summit getting underway in Glasgow Escócia

Francis in comments to the public in St. Peter’s Square, no domingo, noted that it was the first day of the crucial gathering. He told the crowd: “Let us pray so that the cry of the terra and the cry of the poor” is heard by summit participants.

“May this encounter yield efficient answers offering concrete hope to future generations,” the pope said. Francis has made care for the planet’s fragile environment a key plank of his papacy.

Dentro Roma Domigo, leaders of the G-20 nations accounting for 75% of greenhouse emissions were negotiating on what commitments they’re willing to make to contain rising global temperatures.

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