Pope to meet with Canada indigenous amid demands for apology

Pope to meet with Canada indigenous amid demands for apology
Pope Francis has agreed to meet in December with Indigenous survivors of Canada’s notorious residential schools

Pope Francis has agreed to meet in December with Indigenous survivors of カナダ s notorious residential schools amid calls for a papal apology for the Catholic Church’s role in the abuse and deaths of thousands of native children.

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops said Francis had invited the delegations to the バチカン and would meet separately with three groups — First Nations Metis and Inuit — during their Dec. 17-20 visit. The pope will then preside over a final audience with all three groups Dec. 20, the conference said in a statement Tuesday.

The Vatican didn’t confirm the visit Wednesday, but the Holy See’s in-house news portal reported on the bishops’ ステートメント. The Canadian bishops said the trip was contingent on the pandemic and that the delegations would include survivors of the residential schools, Indigenous elders and youths, as well as Indigenous leaders and Canadian bishops.

ここ数週間, investigators using ground-penetrating radar have reported finding hundreds of unmarked graves at the sites of two residential schools for Indigenous children. 発見—以上 600 1つの学校の墓, 215 別の体—呼び出しを復活させました, including from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 教皇が正式な謝罪をするために.

19世紀から1970年代まで, より多い 150,000 先住民族の子供たちは、カナダ社会に同化するために、国が資金提供するクリスチャン寄宿学校に通うことを余儀なくされました。. 何千人もの子供たちが病気やその他の原因でそこで亡くなりました, 多くの人が家族に戻らなかった.

のほぼ4分の3 130 住宅学校はローマカトリックの宣教師会衆によって運営されていました, 長老派教会によって運営されている他の人々と, 英国国教会とカナダ合同教会, 今日は国内で最大のプロテスタント宗派です.

The government formally apologized for the policy and abuses in 2008. 加えて, 長老派教会, Anglican and United churches have apologized for their roles in the abuse.

The Canadian bishops didn’t mention the demand for a papal apology in the statement, フランシスは「先住民から直接聞くことに深くコミットしている」とだけ言っています。

彼は先住民族の代表団を個人的に招待し、「彼の心からの親密さを表現するために会議を利用するだろう」と述べた。, 植民地化の影響と住宅学校制度における教会の役割に取り組む, 先住民族の苦しみと世代間のトラウマの継続的な影響に対応することを期待して。」

教皇の謝罪は 94 カナダ真実和解委員会からの勧告, but the Canadian bishops conference said in 2018 教皇が個人的に住宅学校について謝罪することができなかったこと.

法王 Benedict XVI who retired in 2013, met with some former students and victims in 2009 and told them of his “personal anguish” over their suffering. But he offered no apology.

After last month’s discovery of the 215 体, Francis too expressed his pain and pressed religious and political authorities to shed light on “this sad affair.” But he didn’t offer an apology, また.

The Argentine pope, しかしながら, has apologized for the sins and crimes committed by the Catholic Church against Indigenous peoples during the colonial era conquest of the Americas. He begged forgiveness during a 2015 visit to Bolivia and in the presence of Indigenous groups, suggesting that a similar in-person mea culpa might be in the offing in December.

The Canadian bishops said they hoped the meetings would “lead to a shared future of peace and harmony between Indigenous peoples and the Catholic Church in Canada.”


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