Pregnant librarian killed after pulling gun on motorcyclist in road rage row

Pregnant librarian killed after pulling gun on motorcyclist in road rage row
Police say Sara Nicole Morales instigated deadly confrontation in Orange City, 佛罗里达

A pregnant librarian was killed after she allegedly pulled a gun on a motorcyclist in a road rage row in Florida.

Sara Nicole Morales, 35, was shot dead by Andrew Derr during a confrontation outside her home in Orange City on 20 十一月.

The incident began when Ms Morales allegedly intentionally hit Mr Derr’s motorcycle with her car on North Volusia Avenue and fled the scene, the Orange City Police Department said in a news release.

Mr Derr and a witness called police and followed Ms Morales to an intersection where they demanded she stop to await officers’ arrival.

When she refused to pull over, Mr Derr and the witness continued to follow Ms Morales to her home, where she ran inside to grab a handgun, 当局说.

She emerged from the home with her gun and confronted Mr Derr and the witness in the street before being shot multiple times by the motorcyclist.

Ms Morales, who was around five months pregnant, was airlifted to Halifax Health Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

She is survived by her fiancé and an 11-year-old daughter.

Mr Derr, who has a concealed carry permit, remained at the scene until police arrived and is said to be cooperating with investigators.

Body camera footage obtained by Fox 35 奥兰多 shows officers ordering Mr Derr to stay on the ground moments after the shooting.

He is heard telling the officers: “Please don’t shoot me! That girl tried to kill me. She pointed a gun at me.”

As he is placed in handcuffs, Mr Derr says: “I’m so sorry.”

No charges have been filed against Mr Derr as the investigation remains ongoing.

Police said they confirmed his account of the shooting through multiple interviews.


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