Consoles PS5 Argos disponibles maintenant – suivez les mises à jour en direct

Consoles PS5 Argos disponibles maintenant – suivez les mises à jour en direct
Where is the PS5 in stock today? Follow live for the latest PS5 restock UK updates from Game, Très, Currys, Argos, AU, Forgerons, Amazone, John Lewis et plus

<p>More massive drops are expected today</p><p>More massive drops are expected today</p>

More massive drops are expected today

Mettre à jour: Argos PS5 stock is now live. Lisez la suite pour plus d'informations.

le PS5 console launched more than six months ago, but ongoing supply problems mean it’s difficult to actually get your hands on Sony’s new console.

Restock issues have plagued the console since launch day, and despite stores reopening in the UK, it’s still almost impossible to secure a console in-store (and not easy online either).

But the restock landscape seems to be improving, with huge drops appearing from every single major retailer throughout May. Malheureusement, that wasn’t the case in June, with the only bright spots being from Game and Very. Cette semaine, we’ve had a lengthy drop at Game, one at AO and an unexpected one from Currys.

So if you’re still searching for the console, we’re here to help you get your hands on the coveted PlayStation 5 en gardant un œil sur tous les grands détaillants, ainsi que d'offrir les dernières informations sur les rumeurs de sortie.

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Vérifiez le stock des détaillants PS5 britanniques ci-dessous:


New PS5 owners celebrate bagging a PS5 console at Argos

Despite the kerfuffle over the bugged Argos drop overnight – it seems many of you are managing to check out successfully and grab yourselves a coveted PS5. One happy customer is trying to figure out a way to disguise it as as a wifi hot spot. Any tips? While others are going to head to their local stores to pick up the console later today. Happy campers all around – unless your region hasn’t dropped, bien sûr.

Alex Lee9 juillet 2021 09:11

Argos PS5 drop: People are having less success on the app

Struggling to get a PS5 through the Argos application? We’d recommend trying to check out through the web browser. According to @PS5UKStock, Google Chrome works the least well with checking out, with Safari and Edge being better. It’s also a good idea to check out from your wish list, as this weirdly fixes a lot of check out issues. Wonderfully, this differs massively to the previous Argos drop – it was only possible to check out via the Android app. It’s still dropping region by region.

Alex Lee9 juillet 2021 08:46

Argos PS5 stock is dropping region by region

PSA: Argos has just dropped the PS5 onto its website. The drop is happening region by region, and it’s only available for collection and not delivery, so you’ll have to pop into your nearest store. Immediate collection is definitely happening though. Keep refreshing if your location hasn’t appeared yet.

If you didn’t know, Argos usually drops PS5s late at night (or early in the morning, if you want to be pedantic) so eager gamers always stay up late for them. The console dropped at 3am this morning on the Argos website, but people weren’t able to check out. The staff at Argos seem to have resolved this problem now, pourtant.

We feel sorry for those who stayed up late last night, went to bed and now might be missing out on this drop, so we hope you troopers out there have managed to get one.

Alex Lee9 juillet 2021 08:34

Argos PS5 stock is now live

Bonjour les chasseurs PS5! And what a morning it is.

Argos has just dropped, after having yet another bugged drop this morning at 3am. You can check out on either the app or the browser. And it’s available for collection only. Be aware that this is a regional drop, so your region might not have gone live just yet, but wait for your region to show up as green on the site. People have already been successful. Good luck!

Alex Lee9 juillet 2021 08:19

Good night from your PS5 stock trackers

What a day – the Game PS5 drop is still trundling on, as it has been doing for pretty much the whole day today, and we could still have even more Game action tomorrow in physical stores. We’d recommend keeping your eyes on Argos tonight (if you’re up for the challenge) as the PS5 could drop on the website between 1am and 5am in the morning.

Good luck for those of you staying up, but we’re off! We’ll see you in the morning, avec un peu de chance, with new consoles in hand.

Alex Lee8 juillet 2021 17:05

When is the next Argos PS5 restock?

Argos is expected to have a PS5 restock later tonight (or tomorrow morning, if you want to be accurate). The consoles could drop on the website between midnight at 5am. But if you thought that was bad, get this. Consoles drop regionally, so your city might drop at 1am, but a city in the North East might drop at 5am. It’s all a bit of a pain – if you need a console, mais, you need a console.

Jouets Smyths could also have a new batch of consoles in-store between 12 juillet et 16 juillet. We’ll let you know if we get any more updates.

Alex Lee8 juillet 2021 16:45

Tips for the ongoing Game drop

Here are our top tips for securing a PS5 from Jeu, once again:

  • Opt for an ‘unpopular’ PS5 bundle (one that you think other people won’t go for). This isn’t always the cheapest.
  • In the URL for PS5 bundles, make sure that it says “true” next to InStockOnly, so that yu don’t inadvertently queue for a bundle that has already sold out.
  • Once you’re in the queue, stay in the queue.
Alex Lee8 juillet 2021 16:32

Game PS5 consoles are back in stock!

Jeu, you little tease. After almost three hours of replenishing the PS5 watering fountain, stock eventually sold out. Now we’re back for a second round of cancelled orders. This drop will be much smaller, but the consoles are all there for your perusal. All the bundles are back as well. Hurry, we don’t think these wil last long.

The cheapest disc edition bundle comes with a “Player1” T-shirt (464,98 £, The most expensive disc bundle comes with a dual sense controller and a pulse 3D gaming headset (599,97 £,

Other highlights include a PS5 disc edition bundle that includes a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and an additional dual sense controller (£594.96, and the same PS5 bundle, except with Demon’s Souls (£594.96,

Alex Lee8 juillet 2021 16:03

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Alex Lee8 juillet 2021 15:40

New PS5 firmware update is out now

Well done to those of you who secured a console at Game this morning. When it arrives, you’ll be able to update it to the latest PS5 firmware. But what exactly does the firmware include? Not very much, if we’re honest. The patch notes say “improved system performance”.

It will take up 902MB on your PS5. For those who already have the PS5 console, it should automatically download and install if you’ve left it on standby.

Alex Lee8 juillet 2021 14:47

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