PS5 restock available at AO and Game – how to get a console

PS5 restock available at AO and Game – how to get a console
关于 PS5 游戏机的所有最新消息都在英国各地的零售商处补货, including Argos, 史密斯, Game and John Lewis

<p>On the hunt for a shiny new console? We’re here to help.  </磷><p>On the hunt for a shiny new console? We’re here to help.  </磷>

On the hunt for a shiny new console? We’re here to help.

UPDATE: The PS5 is currently in stock at and is available to pre-order at 游戏. 继续读以获取更多信息.

It has now been over a year since 索尼’s latest console, 游戏机 5 (PS5), first arrived in the UK. But supply problems and a worldwide semiconductor shortage sparked by the coronavirus pandemic have caused the production of the device to slow to a crawl.

If you didn’t find the console under your tree on Christmas Day, fear not, because the IndyBest team is here to help. This has been the best month for restocks on record, with several restocks taking place at 史密斯玩具, 咖喱, PlayStation Direct, 购物到, 非常, Littlewoods, 游戏, 工作室, 阿尔戈斯, EE, BT, 阿斯达, , 约翰·刘易斯 & 伙伴亚马逊, but will this trend continue into the new year?

If you’re still searching, 你来对地方了. Our liveblog is on hand to give you the latest insight on restocks from all major UK retailers, 网上和店内, 以及提供有关传闻发布的详细信息, 加上最新的 PS5游戏 配件 抢购.


检查以下英国 PS5 零售商的库存:


How do you get a PlayStation Direct PS5 invitation?

PlayStation Direct uses an invitation system to dish out the PS5, similar to BT. by inviting some lucky PSN users to buy the console before everyone else. Stock usually goes live from around 8am, and then the retailer opens orders up for everyone else at around 10am. But how do you get an invitation?

It’s an extremely vague process, and we don’t quite know the mechanics of how the PlayStation Direct invitation system works. As far as we know, the main requirement is that you need a PSN account. You probably have to be somewhat active on the network i.e. playing games on your PS4 to get an invitation as well.

Other than that, it seems to be completely random. We’ve seen people with a PS5 already be invited to buy the console, despite clearly not needing one. We expect another PlayStation Direct restock to take place in the first week of January.

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All the best early January sales to shop now

You know when you’re in that interim period between the Boxing Day sales and the January sales and the things are all kind of merging into one? 是的, that’s where we find ourselves right now. That’s good for us, because it means the price-cutting continues on and on and on.

Following on from the Boxing Day reductions, retailers are set to slash their prices even further to mark the start of January. And we’re on hand to bring you the very best deals and discounts across clothes, 美丽, 技术, 玩具, home appliances and more in our January sales liveblog.

The best deals in the 2021 January sales – follow live

Whether it’s AirPods, a Dyson vacuum or an Emma mattress, we’ve got you covered on the hottest offers to shop now

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On the hunt for an Xbox series X?

The hunt for a PS5 from a retailer offering next day delivery is real. If you’re as impatient as us for a next-gen console and don’t want to wait weeks for a bundle at 游戏 to arrive, then we’d recommend buying the Xbox X 系列.

Our friends over on the Xbox liveblog have spotted it in stock right now at Currys and Game. Next day delivery for the Xbox is available at Currys, we might add.

If you don’t mind waiting to get the PS5, you can still buy it at AO and Game right now.

We’ve got all the latest info on Xbox drops from all the major retailers. So make sure to pop your head in and have a read.

On the hunt for an Xbox today? Here’s how to find one in stock

Here’s where you can find the Xbox series X in stock today. Follow live for the latest UK restock updates and console news from Currys, 到, 阿尔戈斯, Game and more

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Is there a PS5 AO discount code available?

Sadly not, but we do have a host of exclusive AO折扣码独立, which will save you money on fridge freezers, 洗衣机, vacuums, coffee machines and more. If you’re keen on getting some household appliances for cheap, then we’ve got you covered.

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Could ShopTo PS5 stock drop soon?

昨天下午, 购物到 accidentally tweeted that it had dropped the PS5 digital edition console onto its website. 明显地, it quickly deleted the tweet and hoped that no one saw it. But of course we did. 谢天谢地, the guys on @PS5UKStock’s Discord server managed to snap a screenshot.

Did they pull the trigger too early? Maybe! The retailer likes to release stock on a Sunday, with a few Saturday drops sprinkled in between here and there, so we could see a restock of the digital edition console this weekend, and the scheduled tweet just went out at the wrong time.

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AO reduces PS5 bundle back down to £570

*Taps microphone* Hello, ? Are you reading the blog? The retailer has reduced the price of the disc edition console bundle with a copy of 棘轮 & 铮铮: 裂谷公寓 蜘蛛侠: 迈尔斯·莫拉莱斯 back down to a much more appealing £570.

It’s still on the expensive side, considering the PS5 costs £449.99, but it’s a better buy than before. If you’re listening AO, drop the standalone console and give the people what they want!

If you order it today, you can get it dispatched as early as Sunday 2 January at the time of writing.

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PlayStation Plus games January 2022

For those of you who have a PS4 or received a PS5 over Christmas,Sony has just announced the free PlayStation Plus games available in January. If you’re a PS Plus subscriber, which you’ll need to be if you want to play online multiplayer games, then you’ll be able to download the below on 4 一月.

The first PS4 game you get is Persona 5 Strikers, which is an action RPG game with a worthy Metacritic score of 83. Second is the off-road racing game Dirt 5, which is available on both the PS5 and PS4. The third is the co-op FPS game Deep Rock Galactic, which is also available on both the PS4 and PS5. So if you haven’t got a PS5 yet, you won’t be missing out this January.

You can read more about the games in PlayStation’s 博客文章.

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The PS5 is still in stock at AO

has cheekily put the price up of its PS5 disc edition console bundle with a copy of 棘轮 & 铮铮: 裂谷公寓 蜘蛛侠: 迈尔斯·莫拉莱斯 by a whole £50 extra overnight. It now costs an astounding £620 (澳网).

It may have been worth buying before, with orders slated to be dispatched on Sunday 2 一月, but £620 seems like a harder pill to swallow.

If you want those two games, you can buy this PS5 disc edition bundle from Game, which comes with Miles Morales, 裂谷公寓, plus some PlayStation merch for just £601.95 ( The only thing AO has going for it right now is that it will be dispatched this week, rather than towards the end of January.

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The PS5 is in stock at Game right now

After a whole week, the PS5 is miraculously still in stock at 游戏. The reason, we speculate, is because the time between ordering and the console dispatching is incredibly long.

Most consoles are expected to be dispatched on 21 一月, with priority insured deliveries – which costs an extra £19.99 , and comes with a replacement console and £50 compensation if your PS5 gets lost in transit, will be dispatched on 7 一月.

If you aren’t in a hurry to receive your console, then you can browse all of Game’s bundles. The cheapest PS5 bundle at Game costs £501.80 ( You get the disc edition console and a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man: 迈尔斯·莫拉莱斯, which made its way onto our best PS5 games of 2021 round-up.

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Where can you buy the PS5 today?

Goooooood morning PS5 hunters and welcome to another day of console stock tracking. If you weren’t able to bag a console yesterday morning, then you’ll be pleased to know that the PS5 is currently still in stock at 游戏.

Could we see one more restock before the year is up and we Auld Lang Syne our way into 2022? Let’s hope so. We’ve got our eyes set on 咖喱 眼下, but typical retailer patterns are currently in flux due to the holiday period.

尽管如此, we’ll be here all day bringing you the live stock updates as they happen. Let’s go hunting.

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