PS5-voorraad Verenigde Koninkryk - regstreeks: Latest console restock updates from Argos, Asda and more

PS5-voorraad Verenigde Koninkryk - regstreeks: Latest console restock updates from Argos, Asda and more
Al die jongste nuus oor PS5-konsole hervoorraad by kleinhandelaars regoor die VK, insluitend Game, Amazon en John Lewis


Sony Opens Up Registrations For People Hoping To Buy A PS5

Asda restocked the PS5 this morning, offering the disc version for home delivery at £449.99. All stock was sold out in minutes, but we are expecting further restocks today from John Lewis.

Die PS5 launched almost a whole year ago, in November 2020, but supply problems and a global semiconductor shortage have caused the production of Sony’s new game console to slow substantially. Nuwe voorraad is nog redelik moeilik om te vind, en as dit verskyn, verkoop die PS5 amper onmiddellik.

September was a mixed bag when it came to PS5 restocks, maar was steeds baie beter as Junie en Julie. Although not a patch on the sunlit uplands of August, we still saw some consistent drops last month at Baie, BT, EE, Argos, Amazon, Smyths Toys en Spel. Ons het 10 daal tot einde September. The question now is, how is October going? The news hasn’t looked great so far. Hierdie maand, we’ve only seen online restocks from, BT, en ShopTo, met Spel joining the gang on Tuesday last week, plus an in-store drop at Smyths Toys.

But don’t lose hope. As u nog steeds op soek is na 'n PS5, jy het op die regte plek gekom. Ons liveblog is beskikbaar om u die nuutste insig te gee Speel stasie 5 herlaai by alle groot Britse kleinhandelaars, beide aanlyn en in die winkel, sowel as die verskaffing van besonderhede oor gerugte, die nuutste PS5 speletjies en bykomstighede om op te knap.

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Kyk na voorraad by die Britse PS5 -kleinhandelaars hieronder:


Kan jy 'n VPN op die PS5 kry?


Ongelukkig, Sony doesn’t allow any VPN apps like NordVPN of ExpressVPN om van die PlayStation Store afgelaai te word, or installed on the console in any other way, regtig.

Egter, there’s still a way to use a VPN on the PS5 if you need to stream geo-restricted content.

In order to do so, we recommend you get a VPN with the Smart DNS feature. Dit is 'n diens wat deur 'n aantal VPN-firmas gelewer word, insluitend NordVPN, which allows you to spoof your location on devices that don’t have VPN support.

Met ander woorde, you can set up you preferred location for connection on individual devices from a central desktop or mobile app.

You can read more about it in our round-up of the beste VPN's.

Alessandro Mascellino18 Oktober 2021 13:00

Are you on the hunt for an Xbox series X as well?

<p>The Xbox series X is even harder to find that the PS5 </bl>

The Xbox series X is even harder to find that the PS5

While we wait for more PS5 stock to drop, you should know we also have a liveblog to track restocks of Microsoft’s latest console.

Oor die algemeen, die Xbox-reeks X was moeiliker om te kry as die PS5, with fewer restocks in the UK in the last few months.

Die minder kragtige Xbox-reeks S, aan die ander kant, is wyd beskikbaar by 'n aantal kleinhandelaars, insluitend Amazon, Kerrie, en Argos.

Alessandro Mascellino18 Oktober 2021 12:00

The best TVs for gaming on PS5

To get the most out of the PS5, you’ll need a 4K television.

If your TV only goes up to 1080p, you won’t be getting the most out of your new PS5, and it’s not just about resolution.

In werklikheid, the PS5 supports HDMI 2.1, which comes with dynamic HDR, enhanced audio return channel (eARC), and two gaming-focused features: auto low-latency mode (ALLM) and variable refresh rate (VRR) onderskeidelik.

Om jou te help om jou stel op te gradeer sonder om die bank te breek, ons het 'n lys saamgestel van die beste 4K TV-aanbiedings vir vermaak, flieks en speletjies.

9 best 4K TVs for needle-sharp viewing

Whether it’s 32 inch, 40 inch or 50 inch, we’ve found the best 4K TVs from Samsung, Song, LG, Panasonic and more

Alessandro Mascellino18 Oktober 2021 11:30

How to buy a PS5 online

While we wait for more stock to drop, let’s go over some of basic tips to make sure you’re ready when the next restock happens.

  • Register an account and save your payment details at each of the retailers that stock the PS5. They’re listed in the main article above
  • Are you a BT customer, or know somebody who is? Register your interest on the BT site to get exclusive access to BT’s next drop
  • Download each retailer’s app (if they have one) and add the PS5 to your wish list or “save for later” list
  • When the console drops, use the link in your wish list to add the PS5 to your trolley – this usually has a higher success rate than navigating through the website
  • Keep note of the prices of bundles to ensure you’re getting a good deal. Rounding up, the console itself is £450, controllers are £60, and the official headset is £85. Newly released games are £60, but retailers usually bundle older games with the console
Alessandro Mascellino18 Oktober 2021 11:00

Will Argos restock the PS5 this week?

According to a Twitter post by PS5 Stock UK, Argos received various shipments of PS5s, both disc and digital editions, verlede week.

The shipments are being prepared for sales, and are scheduled to drop Wednesday 20 Oktober.

The retailer may make some of those consoles available even before Wednesday, egter, and we’ll be here to let you know if that happens.

Alessandro Mascellino18 Oktober 2021 10:23

How to get a PS5 voucher code from BT

<p>BT occasionally sends out PS5 codes to customers </bl>

BT occasionally sends out PS5 codes to customers

While we wait for more PS5 stock to drop, it’s worth taking a look at how BT codes work.

The telecom giant occasionally sends out unique voucher codes to its customers, to give them a helping hand when it comes to securing a PS5.

If you are a BT TV customer, byvoorbeeld, or subscribe to BT Sport, you can apply to receive a PS5 voucher code.

These are emailed out once in a while, and can be used to access a PS5 next time the BT store has a restock. You still have to pay the regular price, natuurlik, but this system is a neat way of rewarding BT customers and giving them a better chance of securing a console.

Alessandro Mascellino18 Oktober 2021 10:15

Can you play PS4 games on PS5?

<p>You can play your PS4 games on your brand-new PS5 </bl>

You can play your PS4 games on your brand-new PS5

Ja, you can! The vast majority of the PS4 games are compatible with the PS5. Met ander woorde, you’ll be able to download any games you bought through the PlayStation store on your PS4 and play them on the next-gen console.

As jy die skyfuitgawe van die PS5 het, you’ll also be able to insert your physical PS4 discs into it and play them that way, ook. Duidelik, since there’s no disc slot on the digital edition of the console, jy sal nie enige PS4-skywe wat jy besit kan speel nie.

In case you’re looking for PS4 games you’d like to upgrade and play on your brand-new PS5, we’ve compiled together a list of our favourite PS4 games for you to explore.

Alessandro Mascellino18 Oktober 2021 10:00

When will Game restock the PS5?

Spel last restocked the PS5 on 12 Oktober, in two separate drops, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

The second one was a bit of a failure, egter, with many buyers reporting their orders being cancelled.

Before that, the retailer had three PS5 restocks in September, but only one in August, making it hard to correctly predict restocking patterns.

In elk geval, with some of last week’s orders being cancelled, there is still hope Spel will release some PS5 stock today or tomorrow.

Keep following the blog for live more live updates about upcoming PS5 restock news.

Alessandro Mascellino18 Oktober 2021 09:45

When will ShopTo restock the PS5?

ShopTo is currently sold out of the PS5, but lately, the retailer has been restocking the console in small numbers and at unconventional times.

Byvoorbeeld, yesterday afternoon ShopTo graced our Sunday with a number of consoles.

The online video game website had in stock both digital and disc versions of the console, as well as with two separate game bundles, met Ratel & Klank: Skeur uitmekaar en Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, onderskeidelik.

Before that, ShopTo restocked the PS5 on 9 Oktober, and before that, four times in September!

Alessandro Mascellino18 Oktober 2021 09:30

Will we see a PS5 restock at John Lewis later today?

John Lewis is another retailer looking likely to restock the PS5 today or tomorrow.

According to the Twitter account of PS5 Stock UK, John Lewis expected to receive PlayStation 5 consoles last Friday, but we did not see any PS5 drops on the day. Before that, the retailer only restocked on 28 September, so it has been a while!

That also leaves us wondering. Will we see a PS5 drop from John Lewis vandag?

Stay with us to find out.

Alessandro Mascellino18 Oktober 2021 09:15

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