PS5 英国现货 – 居住: 工作室, 咖喱, 非常和 BT 补货现已上线

PS5 英国现货 - 居住: 工作室, 咖喱, 非常和 BT 补货现已上线
关于 PS5 游戏机的所有最新消息都在英国各地的零售商处补货, including Argos, 史密斯, Game and John Lewis

<p>Who could restock the elusive console today? </磷><p>Who could restock the elusive console today? </磷>

Who could restock the elusive console today?

UPDATE: PS5 现在有货 BTLittlewoods after selling out at 非常, 咖喱工作室. It could restock at 阿尔戈斯, 亚马逊 本星期. 继续读以获取更多信息.

It has now been over a year since 索尼’s latest console, 游戏机 5 (PS5), first arrived in the UK. But supply problems and a worldwide semiconductor shortage sparked by the coronavirus pandemic have caused the production of the device to slow to a crawl. New stock is still tricky to find and, when it does appear, 这 PS5 sells out quickly, 网上和店内.

It’s your last chance to bag a console before Christmas, and it looks like retailers are pulling out all the stops to ensure one is sat underneath the tree this year. 本月至今, we’ve seen restocks at 史密斯玩具, 咖喱, PlayStation Direct购物到. 昨天, 我们看到了 BT drop the elusive console, and there have been five restocks today.

如果您仍在寻找 PS5, 你来对地方了. Our liveblog is on hand to give you the latest insight on restocks from all major UK retailers, 网上和店内, 以及提供有关传闻发布的详细信息, 加上最新的 PS5游戏 配件 抢购.


检查以下英国 PS5 零售商的库存:


The PS5 has now sold out at Very

After two hours, the PS5 has now sold out at 非常. You can still buy the console from sister company Littlewoods, but you’ll be paying a marked-up price.

Littlewoods sells the standalone disc edition console for £589.99, when most other retailers – including Very – sells it for £499.99. The PS5 is also still in stock at BT, but you’ll need an access code, which you can get by being a BT Broadband customer.

亚历克斯·李7 十二月 2021 12:14

Can you use a Very discount code to buy the PS5?

所以, 非常 still has the PS5 in stock, but you won’t be able to use any Very discount codes to knock some pounds off the price.

你可以, 然而, find Very discount codes for PS4 and Xbox one games, as well as fashion and electronic items if you’re looking for other gadgets this Christmas.

亚历克斯·李7 十二月 2021 12:00

The PS5 is still in stock at Very, Littlewoods and BT, after selling out at Studio

Whew, that was a really lengthy restock from 工作室, with the drop lasting well over two hours. A lot of our readers have secured a console from Studio in the past, so we hope lots of you bagged one this time round, 也.

Didn’t cop one from Studio? It’s still in stock at Very, Littlewoods and BT – you’ll need to be a BT Broadband customer to get an access code and Littlewoods has over-inflated its prices, so Very is your best bet.

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Need an Xbox series X?

Retailers have seemingly pulled out all the stops to get you guys a next-gen console before Christmas, because the Xbox series X is also in stock at Very and Currys.

If you’re in the market for an Xbox series X, head over to our 直播博客 for your best chance of securing a console. We’re providing all the latest updates and stock alerts you’ll ever need.

Looking for the Xbox series X? Here’s where you can find one in stock

Where is the Xbox series X in stock today? Follow our restock tracker blog for live UK stock alerts and Xbox news from Smyths, Game and AO

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最好的 PS5 游戏: ‘Demon’s Souls’ PS5

Looking for some PS5 games to go with your new console? We recommend 恶魔之魂 (59.99 英镑,, which was named best action RPG in our round-up of the 最好的 PS5 游戏.

A complete remake of From Software’s infamously punishing action RPG, 恶魔之魂 PS5 上展示了新游戏机的功能. “压抑的哥特式建筑, 这个邪教经典的打哈欠拱门和腐烂的地牢在新硬件上看起来很壮观, 同时完美地忠实于原始游戏的美学和氛围,” our writer said in their review.

Managed to grab a PS5? Here are the games you need to own

Looking for the best games to play on PS5? Here are all of the new console’s greatest titles, including Deathloop, Hitman and Resident Evil Village

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The PS5 is in stock at Littlewoods

The PS5 is also in stock at Littlewoods, but as usual, the retailer has heavily inflated prices. Stock will last quite a while, but we’d recommend purchasing a console from one of the other retailers in the post below.

Littlewoods is selling the disc edition for £589.99 – that’s well over the recommended retail price, but we’ll let you make the decision on whether to buy it from the retailer.

亚历克斯·李7 十二月 2021 10:18

The PS5 is still in stock at Very, Studio and BT

Well done to anyone who managed to cop one of the digital edition consoles at 咖喱. It was in stock for an hour and a half before selling out. This was the retailer’s first general sale in months, and it seems like it was a pretty big success!

The PS5 is still in stock at BT, Very and Studio.

亚历克斯·李7 十二月 2021 10:05

How to get Very PlayStation 5 控制台

If you’re stuck in 非常’s waiting room, we’d recommend using the retailer’s app. Very physically can’t use the queuing system on the app, so you can go straight through and buy the console without any issue.

You will need your card details at hand if you don’t already have an account set up with Very.

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A round-up of where you can buy the PS5 right now

We have never seen so many retailers drop the console simultaneously before. 现在, there are four retailers with stock available – all of them are selling bundles, 和 工作室 selling the standalone console.

Here is a roundup of where you can buy the console:

亚历克斯·李7 十二月 2021 09:35

The PS5 is now in stock at BT

PS5 现在有货 BT!

照常, you’ll need an access code to buy the console. If you’re a BT Broadband customer, this can be retrieved via this link. The retailer sells a range of different bundles, but it seems like the only one available right now is the disc edition console with a dualsense controller and a PS Plus 12-month subscription for £558.98.

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