PS5s are available from Argos and Very this morning – follow live

PS5s are available from Argos and Very this morning – follow live
Où pouvez-vous acheter une PS5 aujourd'hui? Suivez en direct les dernières mises à jour de réapprovisionnement de la PS5 au Royaume-Uni et les actualités d'Argos, Jeu, Numérisez et plus


Bande-annonce pour Jouer comme jamais auparavant | PS5

Mettre à jour: La PS5 est maintenant en stock chez Argos et Très. It is set to drop at Jeu Suivant. Lisez la suite pour plus d'informations.

le PS5 lancé en novembre 2020, but supply problems and a global shortage of semiconductors have slowed the production of Sony’s next-generation console to a crawl. Le nouveau stock est difficile à trouver, et quand il apparaît que la PS5 se vend rapidement.

Août a été l'un des meilleurs mois pour les réassorts PS5, voir plusieurs gouttes à Très, Jouets Smyths, BT et EE, ainsi que la disponibilité à Argos, Amazone et Jeu. Il y avait autour 35 baisse au total. Le mois de septembre a déjà été impressionnant, avec des gouttes à, As Studio et ShopTo, tandis que Currys PC Monde sent out its PS5 VIP pass codes all in the first week. La semaine dernière, we saw a drop at BT, Ace Studio joined the fray again on Tuesday and Forgerons mercredi. This was followed by a restock at BT on Monday this week, and we expect to see both Jeu et Argos restock on Tuesday, 14 septembre.

Si vous êtes toujours à la recherche d'une PS5, Vous êtes arrivé au bon endroit. Notre liveblog est à votre disposition pour vous donner les dernières informations sur Playstation 5 réassorts de tous les principaux détaillants britanniques, en ligne et en magasin, ainsi que de fournir des détails sur les rumeurs de sortie, le dernier Jeux PS5 et accessoires s'accrocher.

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Vérifiez le stock des détaillants PS5 britanniques ci-dessous:


Stuck in the Very PS5 waiting room?

If you’re still in the Très PS5 waiting room, keep waiting, and don’t refresh the page. Very takes into account your waiting room position when the doors open, so if you refresh the page, you’ll be pushed right back to the end of the line.

The retailer typically opens the waiting room doors within an hour of the queue going live, so we shouldn’t have long left to wait now.

We’ll let you know as soon as the queue opens up – it might happen at the exact same time as the Jeu tomber.

Alex Lee14 septembre 2021 09:11

Game PS5 consoles set to drop in the next hour

Struggling to buy a console from Argos and can’t be bothered to wait for Très’s PS5 gates to open? They’re not the only retailers with restocks taking place this morning. Jeu is about to go live with a massive haul of PS5 bundles sometime between 9am and 10am today.

The retailer usually has 27 bundles available for you to choose from – already a considerable amount – but it now has a whopping 62! Most are a bit naff, but more bundles equals more chances to nab yourself a PS5. We’d recommend scrolling over to page two and selecting one from there – most people will click on the first one they see.

Alex Lee14 septembre 2021 08:52

Very PS5 waiting room opens

Everyone’s coming out to play this morning! If you’re struggling to check out at Argos, try your hand at Très. C'est exact, the PS5 waiting room has just opened up at the retailer. It’s expected to have both the disc and digital edition consoles available, as well as bundles.

Pour le moment, people are being funnelled into a waiting room, but the doors should open in the next half an hour. Keep persisting with Argos until they do.

One option at Very is a PS5 disc edition console with a dualsense controller and a pulse 3D wireless headset for £599.97 (Trè

Alex Lee14 septembre 2021 08:36

Argos PS5 stock is live now

Gooooood morning PS5 hunters and what a glorious morning it is. Argos has just dropped the PS5 onto its website.

The drop is happening region by region, and is available for both collection and home delivery. Immediate collection is definitely happening though. Keep refreshing if your location hasn’t appeared yet. There are a reported 8,000 à 10,000 consoles available at this drop.

Alex Lee14 septembre 2021 08:13

Goodbye for today from the PS5 live blog

And so that concludes another day of PS5 restock news! How did it pan out for you? We hope some of you got lucky with the short BT restock earlier, but realistically we feel all eyes will be on Game tomorrow morning. The retailer has stated that PS5 stock, mostly in the form of bundles, will land on 14 septembre, so keep your eyes peeled that first thing on Tuesday morning!

Alistair Charlton13 septembre 2021 17:03

How to pre-order ‘Call of Duty: Vanguardfor PS5

As we all wait to finally grab a PS5, it’s worth looking ahead to what games will be launching towards the end of 2021. A highlight is undoubtedly the next installment of gaming’s biggest military franchise, Appel du devoir: Vanguard.

The game is coming to both PS4 and PS5, with a release date on both consoles of 5 novembre, and the good news is that you can pre-order Appel du devoir: Vanguard from retailers like Amazone, Argos, ShopTo and others right now.

Alistair Charlton13 septembre 2021 16:01

How to pre-order a Nintendo Switch OLED

Are you also in the market for a new Nintendo Switch OLED? Well you’re in luck, because we also have a complete guide for buying the new gaming console. Pre-orders are currently available at Amazon and Game, but have already sold out at other retailers like Very, Argos and Currys PC World.

But fear not, because L'indépendant’s Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order guide is regularly updated to let you know when pre-orders open and stock arrives. As a reminder, the Switch OLED goes on sale in the UK on 8 octobre.

Alistair Charlton13 septembre 2021 15:00

PS5 vs PS5 digital edition: Quelle est la différence?

As you probably know by now, there are two versions of the PlayStation 5. The performance of these two consoles is identical and the only difference is how the cheaper PS5 digital edition does not have a disc drive.

This means it cannot play Blu-ray movies, and games must be downloaded to its 825 GB hard drive. Games can also be downloaded to the regular PS5, but they can also be played from a disc.

The lack of a disc drive means the digital edition is slightly smaller, at 390mm x 92mm x 260mm, compared to 390mm x 104mm x 260mm for the regular console. The digital edition is also slightly lighter, at 3.9kg compared to 4.5kg.

Games are often cheaper when bought on disc, especially on launch day and once they arrive on the second-hand market. Donc, while the £349 digital edition will save you £100 on day one, you could end up paying more over time.

Alistair Charlton13 septembre 2021 14:02

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Alistair Charlton13 septembre 2021 13:32

How to buy an Xbox series X

If you’re also in the market for an Xbox series X (or perhaps you’ve switched allegiance while waiting for PS5 stock to arrive), then you should head on over to L'indépendant’s Xbox series X stock live blog.

Here you’ll find all of the latest news on when Xbox series X stock is likely to drop – but we’re warning you now, series X restocks are few and far between at the moment, so securing a console can be tricky. The best way to grab one is, bien sûr, by keeping an eye on our updates.

Alistair Charlton13 septembre 2021 13:00

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