Put your best boot foward, the Timberland Black Friday sale has started

Put your best boot foward, the Timberland Black Friday sale has started
Whether you’re an original 6-inch fan, chukka chic, or boat shoe boy, the Timberland Black Friday sale is coming and this is everything we know so far

Spotted on the likes of Kanye West, Cara Delevigne, ドレイク, J Lo and a whole host of other A-listers, Timberland has well and truly cemented itself within the cool kid scene. And no with ブラックフライデー ここに, it’s the best time to save.

The brand has come a long way since 1973 when the original yellow waterproof “Timberland” boots were invented, changing the brand name and gaining many more fans than tradesmen and hikers to become the ファッション staple they are today.

ライブでフォロー: 最高のブラックフライデーのお得な情報は今でも利用可能です

だが, ranging anywhere from £80 to £300 per pair, these aren’t the sort of ブーツ that most of us would buy on a whim.

ここIndyBestで, we’ll be continually tracking the hottest deals across ゲーム, ファッション, 技術, 美しさ, おもちゃ もっと, as well as some of our favourite retailers including ジョンルイス & パートナー, 非常に そして ブーツ, ほんの数例を挙げると.


Does Timberland take part in Black Friday?

毎年毎年, Timberland comes up trumps and offers up to 40 per cent off – and this year is no different. The sale has started and there’s a huge amount in it, from its classic boots, to bags, 衣類, アクセサリーなど.

女性のための, one of its most popular boots is these Chelsea-style Courmayeur pair, which have a saving of 30 パーセント (120ポンドだった, now £105, Timberland.co.uk).

Don’t overlook it for clothing either. And it’s not all about hoodies. This quilted mount crawford overshirt (was £160, 今£112, Timberland.co.uk) 持っている 30 per cent off and instantly smartens up a look with minimal effort. While these squam lake jeans (was £80, now £48, Timberland.co.uk) 持ってる 40 パーセントオフ, and are less than £50.

When it comes to accessories, あなたは救うことができます 40 per cent on this cord camo cap, which is made from organic cotton (was £30 now £18, Timberland.co.uk) and camo fans will love. But if you need a new hold-all for weekends away, この duffle bag is now down to £80.50 from £155, and can be used three ways too.

The sale covers 男性用, 婦人向け そして children’s clothing and boots too, so we’re sure there will be something in there for everyone.

Does Timberland take part in Cyber Monday?

Many retailers are combining both Black Friday and サイバー月曜日 (29 11月) for a full weekend of deals both online and in-store. And we’re confident that Timberland will follow suit.

How much is Timberland’s Black Friday discount?

Last year Timberland treated us to up to 50 per cent off of a whole range of products, and call us greedy but we’re expecting the same thing this year.

だが, with sustainable fashion mogul Christopher Raeburn as global creative director, let’s be sure to be mindful when shopping the sale. A pair of Timberlands are extremely hardy and can last a good few years, or more if only used for leisure and not work, so there’s no need to go mad and bulk buy unless you’re Father Christmas.

そして, if your shoes or clothes are still in good nick but have done their time in your wardrobe, be sure to check out the Timberland second chance programme, turning unwanted items into new opportunities.

When is Timberland’s Black Friday sale in 2021?

ブラックフライデーが正式に始まります 26 11月, the last Friday of November. But some retailers like アマゾン, カリーズ そして 非常に are already sharing some early deals. Timberland is likely to start discounting nearer the official Black Friday weekend but our team here at IndyBest will be keeping a close eye out for any deals that launch sooner – so relax, have a cuppa, and check back with us for all the latest updates.

If you really can’t wait until then, the Timberland 出口 has some great discounts across past season’s collections. And students can get 10 per cent off current stock when using the discounting platform Student Beans.

For women highlights include the heritage 6-inch boot in black/pink reduced by 30 パーセント (£140, Timberland.co.uk), alongside the courmayeur lined boot in green (£115.50, Timberland.co.uk) そして 40 per cent off the sleeve logo sweatshirt in pink (£45, Timberland.co.uk).

For men, the Indian river check shirt in green is 50 パーセントオフ (£40, Timberland.co.uk) and the garrison trail approach shoe in grey is 40 パーセントオフ (£69, Timberland.co.uk). And for children, the the newman chukka boot for junior in brown from £85 to £59.50 (Timberland.co.uk).

What was in Timberland’s Black Friday sale last year?

Last year’s sale brought us up to 50 per cent off footwear, clothing and accessories for men, women and children, including some fan favourites.

The premium 6-inch boot for women in yellow was reduced by 30 パーセント (£180, Timberland.co.uk) and the killington chukka boot for men in yellow/black was reduced by 20 パーセント, although this colourway is no longer available, a whole host of other colour combos are still on the site (£115, Timberland.co.uk).

How much is Timberland’s delivery on Black Friday?

Timberland is yet to say whether delivery fees will also be discounted over the Black Friday weekend, それで, 今のところ, we’ll presume charges will be as normal.

Standard delivery costs £3.95, but is free for all orders above £50, and currently takes around seven working days to arrive, but please be mindful that these delivery periods can sometimes take longer for sale items.


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