Radio call reveals first responders’ alarm at Buffalo shooting

Radio call reveals first responders’ alarm at Buffalo shooting
Homicide detectives were alerted to situation at Tops Friendly Supermarket

De radio calls between dispatchers and first responders on the scene at bøffel’s Tops Friendly Market at the weekend have revealed their alarm at finding bodies at the supermarked.

I følge lyd obtained by Buffalo News på søndag, en politibetjent informed dispatchers to alert homicide detectives because “we have bodies down here”.

That call came after police were dispatched to the scene at 2.31pm to find an active shooting situation and straight away told dispatchers: “Radio, send as many cars as you possibly can”.

Shots were still being fired by the accused gunman, 18-year-old Payton Gendron, as more police cars were dispatched to the store on the city’s Jefferson Avenue.

Firefighters then radioed within seconds to say at least three people were down outside the supermarket and that “there might be an individual with body armor”.

The audio also revealed how employees had locked themselves away from the shooter.

When more police did arrive, the officers cleared the supermarket and found more bodies downed by the gunman, the audio call reportedly revealed.

Mr Gendron was taken into custody and later charged with first degree murder, but pleaded not guilty in court on Saturday night.

13 people were shot during the rampage, med 10 drept. Their ages ranged from 20 til 86, police announced on Sunday.

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