Ray Liotta explains why he turned down a role in The Sopranos

Ray Liotta explains why he turned down a role in The Sopranos
Actor stars in the new film serving as a series prequel, ‘The Many Saints of Newark’

Ray Liotta has explained why he did not appear in 黑道家族, after years of rumours that he once turned down the lead role of Tony Soprano.

The actor is best known for his roles as gangsters in Goodfellas and now 纽瓦克的众圣徒, which serves as a prequel to 黑道家族 TV series and was co-written by its creator, David Chase.

说话 Screen Rant, Liotta denied rumours that he once turned down a major role in the critically adored series.

“I was never offered anything in it,“ 他说. “David Chase wanted me to do something in season three or four, but it didn’t work out.”

在接受采访时 守护者, Liotta specified that it was the role of Ralphie (ultimately played by Joe Pantolioano) he was approached about, “but never Tony”.

“I didn’t want to do another mafia thing, and I was shooting Hannibal,” he explained as his reason for turning Chase down. “It just didn’t feel right at the time.”

Liotta also told Screen Rant that while he had watched “some” of the series, “the good thing about this movie is you don’t have to watch the series in order to appreciate the movie”.

纽瓦克的众圣徒 has received positive reviews from critics. 独立 awarded the film four stars, calling it a “fierce and brilliant” prequel.


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