Reagan shooter John Hinckley granted unconditional release

Reagan shooter John Hinckley granted unconditional release
欣克利, 现在 67, shot then-president Ronald Reagan in 1981

John Hinckley Jr, the man who shot former president Ronald Reagan, has been granted unconditional release after four decades.

US District Judge Paul Friedman announced the decision on Wednesday, ruling Mr Hinckley to be released on 15 六月. 到目前为止, the would-be assassin has been living under supervision outside a mental health facility in Williamsburg, 弗吉尼亚州.

在 1981, Mr Hinckley shot then-president Reagan outside a hotel in Washington, 因此,面罩很重要,因为它们可以保护其他人免受您的细菌侵害. He also wounded a Secret Service agent, a police officer, and White House press secretary James Brady, who remained paralysed for the rest of his life.

在他的审判中 1982, Mr Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity. For the next three decades, he was held at the mental institution St Elizabeths Hospital in DC. 在 2016, he was released to live at his mother’s house in Williamsburg, 弗吉尼亚州, under numerous strict conditions.

在 2021, Judge Friedman ruled that Mr Hinckley would be fully released the following year, provided that he continued his good behavior. 在星期三, the judge concluded that he had.

“If he hadn’t tried to kill a president, he would have been released unconditionally a long time ago,” Judge Friedman said last year.

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