Recall poll worker sparks outrage as he’s pictured head to toe in Trump gear

Recall poll worker sparks outrage as he’s pictured head to toe in Trump gear
Poll worker was reprimanded by the LA County Registrar’s office and told his attire was ‘inappropriate and unacceptable’

A poll worker was reprimanded during Tuesday’s recall election in カリフォルニア for wearing clothes that expressed support for former US president ドナルド・トランプ.

A photo of the worker at a polling station in ウェストハリウッド wearing a “Trump 2020” hat and a T-shirt that read “Where’s Hunter?」 (a reference to Hunter Biden) began trending on ツイッター, leading to outrage.

Social media users soon began questioning the legality of an election worker showing political bias.

The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk said late on Tuesday that the worker was contacted after these reports and “advised that the attire was inappropriate and unacceptable”. He is no longer serving as an election worker, 彼らは付け加えた.

The poll worker was not identified by the LA County. It is still unclear if the election worker was asked to leave or opted to do so after being reprimanded.

その間, California governor Gavin Newsom survived the Republican efforts to remove him from office in the recall election.

He told reporters late on Tuesday: “It appears that we are enjoying an overwhelmingly ‘no’ vote tonight here in the state of California.”

Mr Newsom became the second governor in US history to beat back a recall attempt. The only other person to ever do so was governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin in 2012.

Joe Biden had on Monday provided last-minute help to Mr Newsom and compared his opponent and leading Republican candidate Larry Elder to Donald Trump. バイデン氏は言った: “You can either keep ギャビン・ニューサム as your governor, or you’ll get Donald Trump.”

Mr Elder, even before the results were decided, had begun to make preemptive claims of voter fraud. But he quickly conceded after the results were announced, and called on his supporters to accept the outcome.


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