Residents evacuated and Greece forced to close Acropolis as fires rage close to Athens

Residents evacuated and Greece forced to close Acropolis as fires rage close to Athens
Temperature in dele van Athene het 42C bereik, met Griekse owerhede wat sê dat dit die mees intense hittegolf in meer as is 30 jare

'N Snikhete hittegolf in Griekeland, the country’s worst in 30 jare, has forced residents to flee homes close to Athens.

The temperatures were so high that officials were forced to close the Acropolis in the afternoon to tourists. Dit is gewoonlik oop tussen 08:00 en 20:00, maar sal gedurende die hittegolf tussen die middag en 17:00 sluit.

Meer as 300 firefighters with 35 vehicles and 10 aircraft battled a blaze in a densely vegetated area in the foothills of Parnitha mountain in the suburb of Varympompi, sommige 20 kilometres north of the capital. Ongeveer 80 children had to leave the summer camp and villagers were ordered out of their homes.

“Dozens of homes are being burnt,” Michalis Vrettos, deputy mayor of Acharnes region told Open TV as thick plumes of smoke rose over the houses behind him. Four people were taken to hospital with breathing difficulties.

In Athens, power grid operator IPTO said the fire had damaged parts of the grid, posing a major risk to the electricity supply in areas of the wider metropolitan region. The fire has also disrupted train routes and forced authorities to seal off part of a national motorway.

Temperature in dele van Athene have reached 42C. Op Sondag, Griekse owerhede het die publiek gewaarsku onnodige werk en reis as temperature sy 40C.

Meer as 1,000 mense sterf in 1987 in die dodelikste hittegolf van Griekeland, met skroeiende temperature vir meer as 'n week.

It is the latest extreme weather event to hit Europe in recent weeks.

The current heatwave has ravaged parts of the eastern Mediterranean, met veldbrande wat Griekeland raak, Italië en Turkye.

As the Greek firefighters fought the blazes near Athens, Turkey was facing a seventh consecutive day of wildfires that have torn through some of its most popular tourist areas.

It comes just weeks after floods ravaged parts of northern Europe, killing more than 150 people in German, België, Netherlands and France.

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