Road hogs: Herd of pigs forces M62 motorway in Salford to shut down

Road hogs: Herd of pigs forces M62 motorway in Salford to shut down
The runaway pigs had escaped from a nearby farm

Traffic was brought to a standstill today after a herd of pigs hogged the lanes of a motorway.

Nineteen pigs on the loose forced the M62 in Salford, Greater Manchester, to be temporarily closed.

The pigs got on the lanes between junctions 12 and 11, according to the North West Motorway Police.

Highways North West tweeted about the incident, writing that “traffic has been temporarily stopped due to a number of pigs which are being a bit of a swine and won’t move.”

It added that there was about four miles of stationary traffic on the motorway because of the runaway pigs, and advised motorists to add an extra 45 minutes to their journey times.

North West Motorway Police said that the pigs had escaped from a nearby field, where there is a farm.

It tweeted: “You’ll be happy to know that our Highways Traffic officers have done a sterling job and the pigs are now back safely at the farm.

“Just clearing the road and taking the cones in & then they’ll get your moving again. Thanks for your patience & support”.

CCTV images show highway traffic officers – armed with brooms – attending the scene on the motorway at just after 10am.

The pigs were safely returned to their farm just before 11am, with all lanes reopening about 20 minutes later.