Royal experts reveal the real story behind Harry and Meghan’s nannies

Royal experts reveal the real story behind Harry and Meghan’s nannies
Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not opt for live-in nannies to help them with Archie’s upbringing

Royal biographers have revealed the true story behind a report that claimed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex cycled through three nannies in the first six weeks of their son Archie’s life.

The report by The Sun in June 2019 raised questions about Harry and Meghan’s staff turnover, amid other reports of staff leaving the couple’s employment.

But in a new documentary on Channel 4 titled A Very Royal Baby, royal experts have clarified that the turnover was simply due to the couple wanting to find the right fit for their son.

The documentary explores what happens when a royal baby is brought into the world, the traditions that have been kept and those that have been changed over the years, in anticipation for Harry and Meghan’s second child.

The royal family usually employ live-in nannies from the prestigious Norland College in Bath, but Harry and Meghan ditched the tradition as they did not want their staff to live with them.

Omid Scobie, royal correspondent and co-author of Finding Freedom, said the couple “didn’t want a Mary Poppins-type character around their child”, adding that it was possibly “a dig at the Norland nannies style”.

But although the couple decided the elite service wasn’t right for them, they still found it difficult to settle on an alternative.

“After Archie’s arrival, Harry and Meghan hired a night nanny to establish a sleeping pattern – but there was an incident on one of the very first nights that put the couple off from having a night nurse,” he explained.

The incident, according to Finding Freedom, involved the nanny “being unprofessional and irresponsible” on her second night working with the Sussexes.

A second night nanny was hired to replace the first, but the couple had by then decided the arrangement did not work for them and she was let go.

The third nanny, who was hired as a daytime nanny to provide extra help, stayed with the Sussexes “for quite some time” until they moved to California, said Mr Scobie.

“She helped them out on very much a 9 to 5 basis, it was a great working relationship actually despite reports,” he added.

It is not known if the couple currently employ a nanny in California, but it has been reported that Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, plays a big role in supporting the couple as they bring up Archie.

The Sussexes are expecting their second child, a daughter, this year. The due date is not known, but it is believed Meghan is in her third trimester.

The Independent has contacted the Sussex’s spokesperson for comment.

A Very Royal Baby will air on Channel 4 on Wednesday night at 9pm.


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