‘If we do not act very firmly, they will do it again,’ David Davis tells parliament as Russia disregards new charge over 2018 ソールズベリー攻撃

ロシア will make more assassination attempts on British soil if the government does not “act very firmly”, the government has been warned.

No new sanctions or diplomatic action against the Kremlin have been announced after a third GRU agent was charged over the 2018 ノビチョク attack targeting セルゲイ・スクリパル.

The prosecution was revealed just hours after the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia was responsible for the fatal poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko に 2006.

Boris Johnson urged the country’s authorities to “hand over” the three Salisbury suspects so they can face justice in the UK, but Russia has denied any involvement and no extradition treaty exists.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Maria Zakharova accused the UK of “deliberately worsening relations” and using the poisoning “to increase anti-Russian feeling in British society”.

“We condemn attempts to blame Russia," 彼女は付け加えた. “We are trying to ascertain the truth and want exhaustive information from the UK.”

Russia previously refused to extradite the main suspect accused of murdering Litvinenko, and the former KGB agent is now a member of the Russian parliament.

Addressing the House of Commons on Tuesday, senior Conservative MP David Davis said there was a “very clear lesson” to be learned.

“If we do not act very firmly, they will do it again," 彼が追加した. “So we should act, not just against the GRU officers the home secretary has properly highlighted, but against all the manifestations of the Russian mafia state.

“If our government do not act more firmly now than we did after the Litvinenko murder, this will happen again.”

It came days after a parliamentary committee accused the government of an increasingly “casual approach to national security” and called for reform.

A report on the threat posed by Russia, published last year, said the UK had “badly underestimated the Russian threat and the response it required”.

When asked why no new sanctions or diplomatic expulsions were being announced, the home secretary said the government had “ruled nothing out”.

“The UN General Assembly is taking place,” Priti Patel added. “All such discussions with our allies and many of our bilateral counterparts are absolutely in flight. We are constantly having discussions to consider the other levers we have and what the next steps should be.”

Denis Sergeev is the third suspect charged over the Salisbury poisonings

Ms Patel said the government would be “relentless in our pursuit of justice” for the victims of the ソールズベリー攻撃, which resulted in the death of 44-year-old mother ドーン・スタージェス.

“Should any of these individuals ever travel outside Russia, we will work with our international partners and take every possible step to detain them and extradite them to face justice," 彼女は付け加えた.

Caroline Corbin, the mayor of Salisbury, told The Independent the prospects looked “bleak”.

“For Dawn Sturgess and her family it doesn’t appear as though they will see any justice," 彼女は言いました.

“I think there should be some steps taken to ensure justice happens. Everyone wants proper justice done.“

Ms Corbin said the poisoning continued to have an impact on the city, which was “barely back to normal” before Covid struck, and that everyone living there continues to be affected.

以前に攻撃で起訴された2人の容疑者について、過去3年間、国際刑事警察機構の赤い通知が国際的に配布されました。, GRU agents Alexander Mishkin とアナトリー・チェピガ, しかし、逮捕は行われていません. 新しい容疑者, デニス・セルゲーエフ, is also thought to remain in Russia.

検察庁は、以前の2人の容疑者と同じ容疑で彼を起訴しました。, スクリパル氏と彼の娘ユリアの殺人未遂を含む, 警察官ニックベイリーの重大な身体的危害と化学兵器としてのノビチョクの使用.

セルゲイフ, セルゲイ・フェドトフという別名で英国に旅行した人, ロンドンから中毒作戦を指揮したと考えられている.

彼は、共犯者とされる人物の数時間前に英国に到着しました。 2 行進 2018, 攻撃の前に「複数回」彼らに会いました.

セルゲイフは午後1時45分にヒースロー空港からモスクワに戻った。 4 行進, 神経ガスがスクリパル氏の正面玄関に適用されてから2時間以内.

Detectives admitted they still do not know what happened to the counterfeit perfume bottle used to deliver the nerve agent, between when it was discarded by the perpetrators on 4 行進 2018 and found by a local man in Salisbury on 22 June that year.

Charlie Rowley gave Ms Sturgess the bottle as a present, 「何千人もの人々」を殺すのに十分なノビチョクが含まれていることを知らなかった, 警察は言った.

ディーン・ヘイドン, テロ対策警察の上級国家コーディネーター, said the three suspects “operated as a team” to target Mr Skripal, MI6に情報を提供した元二重スパイ.

「私たちはペトロフを示唆する証拠をつなぎ合わせてきました, Boshirov and Fedotov have all previously worked with each other on behalf of the Russian state on operations outside of Russia,」彼は記者会見で語った.

「私たちは他の国と話し合っています, particularly Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, 彼らが導く調査に関連して。」


The probe is still live, 警察は中毒作戦に参加した可能性のある他の容疑者を調査しています.


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