Russian investigators find ‘golden toilet’ during raid on suspected corrupt police

Russian investigators find ‘golden toilet’ during raid on suspected corrupt police
Footage released by authorities shows lavish home with ornate decorations

Russian investigators found agoldentoilet while conducting searches on the homes of police officers accused of accepting bribes.

Colonel Alexei Safonov, head of traffic police, was arrested along with six others following a raid by the Investigative Committee of Rússia in the southern region of Stavropol.

Authorities released footage of an extravagant home, which featured ornate decorations and other luxuries in sprawling rooms.

According to Russian media, the mansion belongs to Mr Safonov.

A statement released by the ICR said the suspected gang members issued fake permits to bribe businesses.

The permits allegedly allowed lorry drivers to ignore regional laws and pass through police checkpoints unhindered with unauthorised loads of grain and building materials.

A former senior traffic officer, a traffic inspector and four civilians were also arrested as part of the raid.

The ICR, which is similar to the FBI in the US, said the group received bribes worth 19 million roubles (£187,568).

The ICR said it carried out some 80 raids during the operation.

Sites searches included traffic police officers and large quantities of cash and luxury cars were seized.

Mr Safonov could face up to 15 years in prison if he is found guilty.

His predecessor Alexander Arzhanukhin was among those arrested, the ICR said.

Alexander Khinshteyn, an MP in the pro-Kremlin United Russia party, disse: “Em essência, a real kind of mafia has been operating in Stavropol, profiting from everything: from black market number plates and cargo permits, to deliveries of sand.

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