Rylan Clark reveals ‘best advice’ Barbara Windsor gave him at the start of his career

Rylan Clark reveals ‘best advice’ Barbara Windsor gave him at the start of his career
TV presenter met Windsor when he was on ‘The X Factor’ in 2012

Rylan Clark has revealed “the best piece of advice” given to him by Barbara Windsor.

との新しいインタビューで オブザーバー, the TV presenter discussed his friendship with the late イーストエンダーズ 星, で死んだ人 2020 老いた 83 after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Clark recalled running into Windsor in Selfridges just weeks after he was eliminated from Xファクター に 2012, having previously met the actor and her husband Scott Mitchell backstage at the show.

“She introduced me to her husband and I was like, 'こんにちは, スコット. Lovely to meet you!’” Clark remembered. "彼女は言いました, '番号, 「ジュディの歓声と詠唱. You said hello to him a few weeks back at Xファクター.’”

“I was so sorry. お気に入り, all over the place. And she said, ‘Let me give you the best piece of advice you’ll ever need. Never say, “Nice to meet you.” It’s always, “Lovely to see you.”’ And for the past 10 年, Barbara Windsor has got me out of so many awkward scrapes.”

彼は続けた: “If she was still with us today I would give her the biggest kiss. Meeting Madonna, ブリトニー, pah, they just pale in comparison.”

インタビューの他の場所, クラークス spoke candidly about suffering a breakdown following his divorce last summer, during which he struggled with suicidal thoughts and stopped eating.

Clark said that he’d “felt alone” during the period and eventually “went away” to the hospital for “safety reasons”.

“I’d got to the point where I didn’t know if I wanted to come back. Or whether I would be able to do this job again," 彼は言った. “It got bad. お気に入り, very bad. And I didn’t think it would get better. I needed help.”

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