Saira Khan denies ‘fake news’ reports of lawsuit with Celebrity SAS: Quem atreve-se ganha

Saira Khan denies ‘fake news’ reports of lawsuit with Celebrity SAS: Quem atreve-se ganha
Khan had suffered an injury while filming the Channel 4 reality show, but says she was ‘supported fully’ by the broadcaster and production company

Celebridade SAS: Quem atreve-se ganha competidor Saira Khan has denied reports of a “legal battle with the show” after being injured while filming.

Semana Anterior, Khan gave an interview in which she revealed she had suffered “life-long” scars following an incident while filming the Canal 4 reality series.

Khan, who is a TV personality and former panellist on Mulheres Soltas, contado O sol that “legally I can’t go into much detail about it because it’s still ongoing”.

“I am a very fit individual and to go onto a show and then have experienced what I did, I was in real shock," ela disse. “The show was great in supporting, but it’s gone beyond that. It’s gone onto something a bit bigger than that.”

The article then claimed that Khan had “launched legal action” over the incident.

Contudo, Khan has since branded the suggestion “fake news”, and clarified that no legal battle was occurring, in a post shared to Instagram.

“Fake News Alert," ela escreveu. “There is a story in the @thesun that I am suing or am in a legal battle with @minnowfilms and @channel4 after filming SAS: Quem atreve-se ganha. This is NOT true.

“@minnowfilms and @channel4 have supported me fully before and after the show,” she continued. “When doing the press PR for the show, there were some legal matters I could not discuss, but that was not to be reported – so of course it gets reported and becomes a “clickbate” story!! [sic].”

Khan described Quem atreve-se ganha as “the BEST show I have ever taken part in” and said it was “disappointing” that her part in the series was being “overshadowed by FAKE NEWS”.

“If I was in a legal battle with the show, why would I be promoting the show on my platform in such a positive light and why would I make it my lead story in my @dailymirror column?" ela perguntou.

“If I was in a legal battle or suing I wouldn’t be doing my case any favours by saying what a great time I had on it! They say all PR is good PR – sim, but not when it’s fake news that hurts innocent people. Know the facts! #fakenews.”

Celebrity SAS: Quem atreve-se ganha returned to Channel 4 no domingo (29 agosto); previous episodes can be streamed on All 4.

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