Salt Bae’s London steakhouse flooded with terrible reviews on TripAdvisor

Salt Bae’s London steakhouse flooded with terrible reviews on TripAdvisor
‘It’s like IKEA, it looks good but the quality is poor’, one diner says

A customer who visited Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et steakhouse in London has claimed they were given just 30 minutes to finish their meal after receiving their food.

Since launching earlier this year, the restaurant has made headlines for its extremely expensive menu – which includes a gold covered tomahawk steak priced at £1,450 and single servings of Coke for £9.

The eatery has received just 37 reviews on TripAdvisor, 21 of which rated it as “terrible”.

One person, who dined at the Knightsbridge restaurant one week ago, took issue with the restaurant’s policy of only allowing customers a table for one hour and 45 minutes.

The diner, who was not named, said the restaurant was “beautiful but that was about it”. Comparing the steakhouse to Swedish furniture store IKEA, they said “it looks good but the quality is poor”.

“The staff were nice, however we did have to wait a long time for our drinks order which I had to find a staff member to come and take it,” the review said.

“The steak was above average but not much more, I have been to better steak houses that have no reputation at all compared to the food here.”

The customer’s experience took a turn for the worse after their steaks were delivered without side dishes.

“We had no sides delivered and so I asked the waiter if they were on the way, at this point the response became very short and blunt as if I had made a mistake,” the customer wrote.

“The staff then came mid meal and warned us that we had 30 minutes (he was placing our sides on the table when he said it!) so that we could allow others to use the table as there is a quick turnover time.”

Awarding the restaurant just one star for both food and value, the customer warned others against visiting the establishment.

“Don’t follow the hype, if you want good food there are hundreds of better options for good food in London, whatever your price range is,” they said.

Other poor reviews of the restaurant also complained of slow service.

One customer said they were made to wait 35 minutes for a table despite booking in advance, and a further 20 minutes for their drinks order to be taken.

“We were fuming at this point as we were told we would have to give the table back in an hour so please can we order food with drinks,” the customer said.

They also claimed the restaurant tried to charge them for food and drinks they did not order or eat.

“Food was bang average; they forgot our onion flower but still tried to charge for it… further more they tried to charge us for drinks we never had,” they said.

The restaurant has also received high praise from some of its customers, who rated their experience as “excellent”.

One diner, who visited two weeks ago, said the atmosphere was “electric”, the food “unbelievable” and the service “the best [they] have ever seen”.

“Yes, it was very expensive but so are all top London restaurants. I truly believe it was good value due to the experience and I will be going again as soon as possible,” they said.

“If you want to feel you have got an amazing deal, this is not for you. If you are fortunate enough to be able to eat without worrying too much about the prices, I promise you will not be disappointed.”

The Independent has contacted Nusr-Et for comment.


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