Saudi Green Initiative Forum: Follow the action live from Riyadh

Saudi Green Initiative Forum: Follow the action live from Riyadh
Plus de 300 delegates have convened in Riyadh for the inaugural Saudi Green Initiative Forum


SGI Live 2021-10-23 à 06:27

Saudi Arabia is hosting the inaugural Saudi Green Initiative (SIG) Forum in the capital Riyadh on 23 octobre.

The event showcases the climate pledges Saudi Arabia has made as part of SGI, a whole of government initiative designed to create lasting changes that will protect the environment and improve the lives of future generations.

Throughout the day, there will be panels and announcements on different initiatives from Saudi Arabia, as well as wider discussions on what can and should be done in the climate space.

The Independent is reporting live from the Forum – follow our live blog for the latest from the event.


Speaking in the first panel is Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s minister of energy since 2019.

He’s the first member of the royal family to take on the influential post and is on stage to discuss how to deliver the Kingdom’s energy policies in line with the goals set out as part of SGI.

The prince is expanding on Saudi Arabia’s pledge to achieve net-zero emissions by 2060.

Saudi Arabia plans to achieve net-zero emissions by 2060
Independent Reporter23 octobre 2021 08:19

As part of his address, the crown prince said:

  • Saudi Arabia aims to reach net-zero emission by 2060
  • It will cut carbon emissions by over 270 million tons per year by 2030 – more than double the current targets
  • There will be more investments in green hydrogen as part of the carbon reduction initiatives
  • Emissions reduction will also be achieved through the country’s tree-planting initiative
  • Protected areas within the Kingdom will be raised to 30 pour cent
Independent Reporter23 octobre 2021 08:12

During his opening address, the crown prince reiterated Saudi Arabia’s climate commitments and outlined the agenda for the day, which will include discussions on wildlife conservation and carbon emission reduction initiatives.

Also on the agenda will be initiatives on protecting oceans and Saudi Arabia’s plans to plant 10 milliards d'arbres.

Independent Reporter23 octobre 2021 07:57

Watch the address from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the panels throughout the day here and on L'indépendant’s YouTube channel.

SGI Live 2021-10-23 à 06:27
Independent Reporter23 octobre 2021 07:35

The inaugural SGI Forum is starting at 9am KSA (7sur BST) with an opening address by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman.

The prince first announced his intention to launch SGI in March 2021, in recognition of the country’s role in combating the effects of climate change.

Comme part of the initiative, Saudi Arabia has pledged to reduce the country’s CO2 emissions by more than 4 per cent of global contributions by 2030.

It will also raise protected areas to more than 30 per cent of the total land area, and plant 10 billion trees across the Kingdom.

We’ll hear more about what this means throughout the day.

Independent Reporter23 octobre 2021 06:57

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