Sea Power explain why they dropped ‘British’ from their band name

Sea Power explain why they dropped ‘British’ from their band name
Band said in a previous statement they wanted to remove themselves from nationalistic connotations

The band Sea Power have explained why they chose to drop the word “British” from their name.

Having been known as British Sea Power since they formed in 2000, the alternative rock group announced that they were changing their name this week, to just Sea Power.

In a statement, the band said they wanted to remove themselves from any nationalistic connotations.

While the group’s fans mostly supported their decision, Sea Power has received a backlash from some on social media.

In a piece for The Guardian published today (13 August), Sea Power said they were “surprised” by the reaction, as they explained their choice in greater detail.

“If we were called British Motorcycle Club we wouldn’t be changing our name,” the band said. “It was the combination of ‘British’ and ‘Power’ that no longer worked for us.

“We imagined a youngster at a European festival in the 21st century looking at the programme and seeing a band name including the word ‘Hungarian’ or ‘Russian’ alongside ‘Power’. It would likely send your mind in a certain direction – quite possibly to the isolationist, adversarial nationalism that has recently taken a hold around the world.”

Sea Power said they were “in no way disowning” their past: “We remain proud of the British Sea Power discography.”

“But becoming simply Sea Power feels like a new start,” they continued. “Now maybe we can just connect with that elemental power of the sea, something that increasingly seems both awesome and frightening.”

The group, made up of members Yan Wilkinson, Hamilton Wilkinson, Martin Noble, Matthew Wood, Phil Sumner and Abi Fryalso, recently released their latest single “Two Fingers”.