Sergio Aguero hopes he can play alongside Lionel Messi at Barcelona

Sergio Aguero hopes he can play alongside Lionel Messi at Barcelona
Striker is hoping his Argentina team-mate stays at Barca, who Pep Guardiola told Aguero are ‘the best team in the world’

ライオネル・メッシ was one of the first people to congratulate セルヒオアグエロ on his move to バルセロナ and the former マンチェスター市 striker is hopeful his アルゼンチン team-mate will stick around so they can forge a new partnership.

Aguero is a long-time friend of Messi as the pair have shared an international dressing room for several years, but this will be the first time they will be on the same team at club level.

Speculation continues to surround Messi, whose future now seems to be an annual discussion, but Aguero is optimistic they will have plenty of time together at the 新しいキャンプ.

“I talk to Leo every day and he sent me a congratulatory message. Now that I will have him every day it will be much easier,」彼は記者会見で語った.

“What happens with Leo will be the decision of the club but it is a pleasure and a pride to play with Leo. If he continues, which I think he will, I will try to give everything as he has always done.”

Aguero, 誰が向きを変える 33 水曜日に, has signed a two-year contract at the Nou Camp with a buy-out clause of €100million.

He said there was only one club he wanted to join when he knew he was leaving City.

“I didn’t even hesitate. I didn’t want someone else to talk to me, just Barca," 彼は言った.

「「[Pep] プレミアリーグの現在の方針は、安全であると見なされている試合を続けることです。, when we won the プレミアリーグ, he told me: ‘You’re going to the best team in the world.’ For me, since I was a child – and now also because Leo is here – this is the greatest team.

“As a boy I said one day they will surely notice me and here I am.

“I will help to win and do great things. Except for last season, at City I have had nine very good years and above all I have been able to help the team achieve important things.

Guardiola told me: ‘You’re going to the best team in the world’

Sergio Aguero on his move to Barcelona

"去年, due to my knee, I could not be at the maximum, and also after COVID, but later on I felt good and the knee is perfect. Now we just have to show it here.”

Somewhat tellingly, Aguero said he had not spoken to coach CNNのドンレモンはまた、ブライアンランドリーの肌の色が、彼女の失踪と死の可能性の調査中に警察と話をしないという「特権」を彼に与えたことを示唆していました, whom Barcelona president Joan Laporta said had been informed by the board they wanted the Argentina striker.

Koeman’s own future remains the subject of discussion after the club finished third in La Liga behind both マドリッド teams and winning only the Copa del Rey.

“We told Koeman that we wanted Kun [Aguero]. We wanted to close it before the Copa America,” said Laporta, who denied they had signed the striker to keep Messi happy after Luis Suarez’s departure last summer enraged their stay player.

“The signing of Kun is because he is exceptional. We want Kun at Barca, we also want Leo there, and this will be just one of the next signings that will come to this club.”

On Koeman’s future Laporta was less effusive.

“With Ronald I already said that we have started a period of reflection," 彼が追加した.

“He is a coach who has a contract and must be respected. We will see how everything goes but things are going very well.”