Le mari de Shamima Begum dénonce les attaques d'Isis dans l'ouest

Le mari de Shamima Begum dénonce les attaques d'Isis dans l'ouest
Dutch husband of former Isis bride speaks about terror group and marriage

The husband of former Isis bride Shamima Bégum has said he does not condone the terror group’s attacks on the west but still hopes that a caliphate will be established.

Yago Riedijk, 29, who has admitted to being an Isis fighter, was interviewed from the Kurdish-run al-Roj prison in northern Syrie for a documentary in which he shares his views on the jihadis as well as speaking about his marriage to Ms Begum.

The Dutch national wed Ms Begum days after she arrived in Syria from the UK, vieilli 15, dans 2015, and the couple had three children, all of whom have died.

Asked about Isis attacks in European countries including Germany and France in recent years, Mr Riedijk said he did not agree with the violence for “a number of reasons”.

“The prohibition on killing innocent people in Islam, on killing women and children. I see these attacks as not being Islamically responsible,” he told Alan Duncan, a Scottish former soldier who is producing a documentary on Isis.

pourtant, Mr Riedijk refused to comment on attacks by Isis on other Muslims and Yazidis, as well as beheadings by the terror group. He said Isis was not finished and that he wanted to see the establishment of a caliphate that adheres to “Islamic traditions”.

Speaking about his marriage to Ms Begum, Mr Riedijk said she asked for some basic freedoms – such as going shopping and seeing friends – and an English translation of the Quran before they wed.

“There were some nice days with my wife and kids at home. Some beautiful memories,” he said in the documentary.

Ms Begum appealed to the British public for forgiveness in her first live TV interview from al-Roj camp in September, and said she could be “an asset” in the fight against terror.

The 22-year-old is currently unable to travel to the UK after the Supreme Court blocked her from returning to the country to fight her citizenship case, citing security concerns.

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