Shocking images show aftermath of thieves raid Amazon train

Shocking images show aftermath of thieves raid Amazon train
Covid testing kits and masks among hundreds of littered items

Hundreds of packages have allegedly been stolen from a Union Pacific railroad in 天使たち, where mostly アマゾン packages have been targeted by thieves.

ビデオ footage has shown hundreds – if not thousands – of packages thrown across the railroad north of downtown Los Angeles, in the Lincoln Heights neighbourhood.

A video posted on YouTube showed Amazon parcels and COVID testing kits, as well as a range of items thrown around the railway.

Another video from CBS Los Angeles showed similar items, and the news channel were reportedly able to find tracking information for a package that was classed as “in transit”, but had actually been thrown from its container.

木曜日に, a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) source told CBSLA that thieves had been targeting railway containers belonging to Union Pacific, and that the containers were allegedly “easy” to access.

The scene along a railway line in Los Angeles

The LAPD have not made any arrests following the robbery, which was the latest in a series of raids on Union Pacific railway containers at Lincoln Heights.

A parcel allegedly thrown from a container during a raid

It was not clear when the latest raid happened.

During a raid last month, an individual was reportedly stopped by University of Southern California Campus Police who was found with a bag containing stolen items from railroad containers.

Union Pacific were forced to clean up the site after that raid.

Union Pacific said an apparent rise in railroad robberies in California were a cause for “concern” and that it had “taken several steps to address this criminal activity”, 声明の中で.

“We have increased the number of Union Pacific special agents on patrol, and we have utilised and explored additional technologies to help us combat this criminal activity. We also will continue to work with our local law enforcement partners and elected leaders,」と付け加えた.

独立者 has approached the LAPD and Amazon for comment.


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