Sink your feet into the best bath mats for every household

Sink your feet into the best bath mats for every household
For bathrooms large or small, you’ll want a splash-proof bath mat that looks great too – here are the best bath mats from Joules, Robert Dyas, Allure and more

We’re apparently spending more on home improvements than ever before, whether it’s sprucing up spare rooms or making over master bedrooms.

All too often, bathrooms get overlooked, despite the fact that transforming them can be cheap, quick and easy.

To get you on the road to bathroom bliss, we decided to take a look at the best bathroom mats. This often-overlooked essential shouldn’t be underestimated. The right one will soak up copious amounts of water without slipping across the floor, and will provide a soft, stable surface to step onto when you’re exiting the tub or shower cubicle.

Testing them wasn’t particularly hard – after all, like most people (we hope) we bathe at least once a day and spend a significant amount of time in our bathroom, which meant plenty of time to appraise each bath mat’s aesthetic appeal, as well as its performance.

So, without delay, we’ll unveil our line-up of the best bath mats for every type of household.

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The best bath mats for 2021 are:

  • Best colour range – Homescapes imperial plain bath mat: £6.99,
  • Best for fun factor – Red Candy rainbow bath mat: £19,
  • Best bath-side specific mat – Red Candy jawsome shark bath mat: £25,
  • Best for kids – Joules bee clean bath mat, pale blue: £35,
  • Best for quality – Allure bobble bath mat: £10.19,
  • Best value – Christy prism bath mat: £4.80,
  • Best style – Abyss & Habidecor dahlia bath mat: £260,
  • Best for a splash of colour – Abyss & Habidecor cactus bath mat: £240,

Homescapes imperial plain bath mat

Best: Colour range

Rating: 10/10

Love a spot of colour coordination? You’ll love Homescapes bath mat, which measures 50cm by 80cm and comes in 15 colours (the dazzlingly-bright raspberry and royal blue tones are our favourites). The potential plainness of a solid block of colour is offset by a sleek striped design, and it’s surprisingly thick, making it the perfect mat for anyone with kids who like to kick up a tsunami of bath water. There’s no non-slip backing, but the combination of the thick material and the rigid design helped to keep it in place.

Red Candy rainbow bath mat

Best: For fun factor

Rating: 8/10

Why is it that so few of the fanciest bath mats come with non-slip backings? We’re firm believers that our desire not to crash across a wet bathroom floor shouldn’t require sacrifices in the style stakes. Luckily, Red Candy has come to the rescue with a ridiculously cheery rainbow-shaped bath mat which doesn’t just feel wonderfully thick, but which has an ultra-grippy TPE (thermoplastic elastomer, if you were wondering, which you probably weren’t) backing to ensure this mood-enhancing mat stays put. Made from 100 per cent polyester microfiber, it’s quick-drying and can be chucked in the washing machine, although light stains can easily be spot-removed with some warm water and detergent.

Red Candy jawsome shark bath mat

Best: Bath-side specific mat

Rating: 9/10

What could be cooler than a man-eater swimming across your bathroom floor? Another 100 per cent polyester microfiber mat which is kept in place by a TPE backing, this mat has a top quality feel (a good yank of its tufts failed to displace any of the fibres) and is surprisingly thick. Its long, narrow profile (50cm x 110cm) is the reason this mat is best suited to baths, rather than showers – place it along the length of the tub to provide plenty of space for damp, slippery feet. We also loved the level of detail, which extends to the shark’s gills and a rather evil-looking eye.

Joules bee clean bath mat, pale blue

Best: For kids

Rating: 7/10

We love a pun here at IndyBest, even more so when it’s on the side of a super soft bath mat. This is a brilliant way to liven up bathrooms in households with younger children – it will instantly take the edge off bath time for youngsters who don’t enjoy it, and can also be placed sink-side as a timely reminder of the importance of hand-washing. The thick cotton is super soft, and it can be chucked in the washing machine, too.

Allure bobble bath mat

Best: For quality

Rating: 10/10

This is one of the softest bath mats we’ve come across, and we suspect it’s down to the bobbles – all too often the individual fibres on bath mats quickly become compressed and worn down, reducing their ability to absorb water and giving the mat a thinner, harder feel. Not so with this one, which is covered with super-soft, ultra-absorbent bobble-shaped fibres which remain resolutely upright. They’ve been awarded European Oeko-Tex 100 certification too, which guarantees that no harmful dyes or chemicals were used in the production process.

Christy prism bath mat

Best: Value

Rating: 8/10

Full disclosure: we know we’ve banged on about thickness. A lot. But this Turkish cotton bath mat takes the concept of plush to a whole new level, proof of which is in the high GSM (grams per square metre), which comes in at 850. The fibres are wonderfully thick, long and dense (nothing’s worse than a bald spot on a bath mat, after all) and the non-slip backing – a no-nonsense patch of extra-grippy rubber – ensures this mat stays put, no matter how much of a drenching your bathroom gets.  It’s another one which comes in a great range of colours, and the 11 shades include the fabulously-named mojito (£4.80,, poolside (£4.80, and very berry (£4.80, We’re even smitten with the oddly-named tarmac, which is a surprisingly stylish slate grey. A top tip? Pair your prism mat with one of Christy’s prism towels, which come in the same colours. We recommend teaming a tarmac towel with an absinthe (bright green) bath mat. Which sounds weird, but trust us, it works.

Abyss & Habidecor dahlia bath mat

Best: Style

Rating: 9/10

There’s something wonderfully, unashamedly retro about this bright pink, flower-powered bath mat, 85 per cent of which is made from Egyptian cotton. It’s incredibly absorbent, thanks both to the presence of two-thread yarn (ultra-absorbent yarn made by twisting two threads together) and so-called long staple cotton, which is known for both its lustre and softness. This non-slip bath mat makes a brilliant centre piece for larger bathrooms, although you’d be wise to consider existing colour schemes first – this is a seriously bright bath mat.

Abyss & Habidecor cactus bath mat

Best: For a splash of colour

Rating: 9/10

If only all cacti were this wonderful to walk on. Splash out on this mat, which covers 90 x 40cm and has a non-slip base, and you’ll get to adorn your bathroom floor with a cluster of cacti depicted in glorious technicolour (the shades range from a neon-green to a deep, grass-like hue). It feels wonderfully plush – its supreme softness is apparently down to the use of top-quality Egyptian cotton, and the individual fibres are also incredibly thick and long. The (minor) downside is that you’ll need a little extra drying time if you subject this particular mat to a super soaking, but the fact that it’s machine washable more than makes up for it in the maintenance stakes.

The verdict: Bath mats

Panda London’s bamboo bath rug won us over for its eco credentials but it was also one of the plushest we tried. It is wonderfully thick and super absorbent, making it a pleasure to seek your feet into. We also loved La Redoute’s Tineko tufted bath mat for a slice of affordable luxury.

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