Sky broadband has stopped working for some people

Sky broadband has stopped working for some people
Users in Norwich are experiencing a confirmed outage, but customers in London, Bristol, and Birmingham are also reportedly experiencing problems

Un outage has affected hundreds of Sky broadband les clients, with many reporting an inability to access the internet.

The website DownDetector, which tracks service issues, says that the problems began at approximately 6:00suis GMT. The issue appears to be affecting customers in Norwich, Londres, Nottingham, Bristol, Birmingham, and other areas.

It also appears to be affecting Now TV, avec 75 per cent of DownDetector users reporting issues claiming to have problems with their server connection; another fifth of DownDetector users are experiencing general problems with video streaming.

“We are investigating an issue affecting some Sky Broadband and Talk customers in Norfolk and Suffolk. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing”, a Sky spokesperson told L'indépendant.

“Customers may not be able to get online or make/receive calls. You can keep up to date on the My Sky App”, the official Sky Help Team Twitter account shared, alongside a link to its status checker.

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One comment from a user on DownDetector said that a “major output” in the area was affecting Sky and other providers. Apparemment, service will resume as soon as possible with an estimated time of two to three hours, but it could be up to 48 hours if the issue is more serious.

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