Os fãs do SNL reagem ao "incrível" desempenho de Halsey com Lindsey Buckingham

Os fãs do SNL reagem ao "incrível" desempenho de Halsey com Lindsey Buckingham
Halsey was appearing on the popular US sketch show for the fifth time

Halsey returned to Saturday Night Live for their fifth performance on the show this evening (10 Outubro), and was joined on stage by Lindsey Buckingham.

Halsey began by singing “I’m Not A Woman, I’m A God” before later being joined by Lindsey Buckingham, who recently released his first solo album since leaving Fleetwood Mac.

The pair performed “Darling” together, with Buckingham on acoustic guitar for the performance; Buckingham also harmonised with Halsey during the song.

“Ladies and gentleman, Lindsey Buckingham!” Halsey shouted at the end of the performance, clapping along with the audience.

After the show, Halsey tweeted: “I can’t believe I just did SNL for the 5th time! It never gets old. Always electrifying and so fun to finally perform the new songs.”

Fans reacted to the moment on social media, with one describing the performance as “incredible” and another saying it was “pure magic”.

You can see more of the reaction here:

The second episode of the new season of Saturday Night Live also saw Kim Kardashian hosting.

Kardashian kicked off the show by delivering a monologue that many viewers on social media were quick to praise, with jokes about OJ Simpson, her family and Kanye West.

Logo depois, sua Aladdin sketch with Pete Davidson earned more praise from viewers, with fans calling the sketch “hilarious” and another joking “it needs to come to Disney Plus”. A third Twitter user said: “SNL just hit a home run with this sketch.”

Em outro lugar, in one of the most talked about moments of the night, Kim Kardashian played a television judge on a spinoff of US television show The People’s Court. The spoof, titled The People’s Kourt as Kourtney Kardashian, saw Kim in character as her sister Kourtney.

Rami Malek and Jason Sudeikis will host forthcoming episodes of the long-running sketch show.

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