Stay fresh all day long with the best deodorants for men

Stay fresh all day long with the best deodorants for men
Keep smelling your best with the best deodorant for men from Look Fantastic, ジョンルイス, シャネル, Kiehls, パルマの水, La Roche Posay and more

Just as with any fancy perfume or shampoo that promises miracles, a quality deodorant should take centre stage in every guy’s daily grooming routine.

Whether you are the type to sweat bucket loads, moisturise until your forehead looks like a mirror or 偽の日焼け yourself Essex style, there’s no denying that whatever kind of man you are, you’ll want to smell great 24 hours a day with as little effort as possible.

承知しました, there’s the average high street brand that you can pick up at your local Boots on offer, but sometimes it is worth making a more informed decision, not just for the sake of your pits, but for the planet, too – 100 per cent natural deodorants? はい, they do indeed exist.

From balms to sprays and flashy sticks, whatever your pick, this list of odour eliminators will keep your underarms fresh as well as healthy (そして, ある場合には, metaphorically sparkly).

As well as staving off the worst BO imaginable, many of the scents listed below take their cue from eau de toilettes for a more refined scent to lather yourself with. Apply them post-shower to sweatproof and upgrade that all-important fragrance game.


Here’s our list of the best deodorants to shop on the big old wide web today, from fancy roll-ons to blocks that give back to the planet.


You may not think it at first, but choosing the right deodorant is just as important as your go-to face cream. The first thing we looked for when choosing our sprays and roll-ons was to see how our skin reacted to them – they had to be kind to a sensitive epidermis, hydrate, moisturise, leave no trace of milky residue and cause no irritation whatsoever. Ingredients were also key. The less a bottle packed in the better, and if – like the offering from Proverb (£15, – the packaging was totally recyclable and natural, we saw it as a major plus.

The best deodorants for men for 2021 です:

  • 全体的に最高 – Vichy Homme extreme control 72-hour antiperspirant deodorant: £8.50,
  • Best for a summery scent – Tom Ford neroli portofino deodorant stick: £36,
  • Best for fashion-conscious types – Bleu de Chanel deodorant spray: £33,
  • Best eco-friendly choice – Horace natural deodorant: £13,
  • Best for sensitive skin – Aēsop herbal roll-on: £23,
  • Best for sophisticated fragrance – Acqua di Parma deodorant spray: £38,
  • Best hypoallergenic formula – La Roche-Posay 24hr physiological deodorant: £7.50,
  • Best for a statement – Le Labo men’s roll on: £21,
  • Best for giving back to the planet – Proverb refillable deodorant: £15,
  • Best for simple ingredients – Triumph & Disaster blanco deodorant: £17.50,
  • Best for gym-goers – Kiehl’s body fuel antiperspirant: £17.50,

Vichy Homme extreme control 72-hour antiperspirant deodorant

ベスト: 全体

Let’s face it, finding a deodorant that lasts 72 hours is bound to raise a few eyebrows, but let us assure you, this one from Vichy actually works. ありがたいことに, the high-precision roll-on swiftly does the job and as the brand gloats, offers “unrivalled and long-lasting efficacy’” White marks? なし. And its summer-vibes aroma is suitable for all kinds of skin from dry to oily and sensitive. It’s hypoallergenic, あまりにも.

Tom Ford neroli Portofino deodorant stick

ベスト: For a summery scent

You may not have made it to Italy this summer, but thanks to the wonderful creature that is Tom Ford, you can transport yourself there with this delightfully La Dolce Vita-ready deodorant stick. Vibrant, sparkling and transportive, neroli Portofino captures the cool breezes and crisp lush foliage of the Italian Rivera. As you roll it on your pits, citrus oils, florals notes and amber undertones come alive to leave a splashy yet substantive impression on all those who get a whiff.

Pair it with the neroli Portofino bath and body collection (from £46, and nobody, including yourself, will be able to resist you.

Bleu de Chanel deodorant spray

ベスト: For fashion-conscious types

Ever since this headline-worthy Chanel scent made its debut in 2010, masses still run like mad to get their hands on every update the fashion house releases. Aromatic and woody, the spray streams invigorating bursts of citrus and amber cedar notes alongside New Caledonian sandalwood to give it a warm and sensual finish. Buy direct from the house and you’ll get all the Chanel paraphernalia, including a flashy box and a personalised gift note (even if it’s for yourself).

Horace natural deodorant

ベスト: Eco-friendly choice

For those in search of something almost entirely natural, look no further than this crafty little number from Horace. Dubbed “the deodorant you and your shirts have been waiting for”, the stick uses precisely 98 per cent ingredients of natural origin that takes both anti-stain and hygiene very, very seriously. Packed with an anti-bacterial complex oozing diatomaceous earth, eucalyptus, clary sage and tea tree essential oils, it’s a light botanical number that will keep your pits as well as your nostrils very happy.

Aēsop herbal roll-on

ベスト: For sensitive skin

Aesop knows a thing or two about fine-smelling formulas, especially those that pack a seriously botanical punch. Its unisex herbal deodorant roll-on is completely alcohol-free and has a soothing milky texture guaranteed not to irritate those with sensitive skin types.

Formulated to actively reduce and mask any odour, the deodorant is infused with a unique blend of essential oils and the efficacious benefits of zinc ricinoleate (to absorb all the moisture), sage leaf and wasabi extract. Scent? Herby and veering towards the woody side.

Acqua di Parma deodorant spray

ベスト: For sophisticated scent

Stay fresh with this alcohol-free active formula from luxury Italian perfumer Acqua di Parma that guarantees comfortable protection for the modern man on the go. Delicately scented with the brand’s signature essence of “Colonia”, it is a great addition to your daily bath and body care ritual, and smells so good you’ll want to eat the packaging it came in. Expect lush notes of Italian bergamot, オレンジ, Paraguayan petitgrain, Virginian cedarwood and Indonesian patchouli.

La Roche-Posay 24hr physiological deodorant

ベスト: Hypoallergenic formula

La Roche-Posay is all about fuss-free yet highly effective, results-driven skincare. The 24hr physiological deodorant offers round-the-clock protection and thanks to its hypoallergenic formula, is perfect for guys with sensitive or reactive skin that is prone to dryness, 発赤, itching and burning. Ingredient wise, the potion is free from any preservatives, aluminium salts, alcohol and parabens. プラス, it’s all infused with La Roche-Posay’s own signature and soothing thermal spring water, which means no residue, clothes remain streak-free and body odour is totally cancelled.

Le Labo men’s roll on

ベスト: For a statement

Le Labo has reached such cult status it could whip up anything new and it would instantly prove a bestseller. Using plant-derived glycerin to both regulate moisture and soothe irritation, the signature deodorant from its grooming line, is as kind to delicate underarm skin as it is fragrant. What makes it so? The magical stick is infused with antioxidants, vitamin E and potassium alum (a fancy word combo for mineral salts) and is free from nasty additives, from usual culprit aluminium chloride to zirconium. Scent-wise, think a woody, masculine fragrance of bergamot, lavender, tonka bean and violet.

Proverb refillable deodorant

ベスト: For giving back to the planet

If you are looking for something crafted by Mother Nature herself (not literally, もちろん), this is the deodorant to buy. Totally plant-based, インクルード 100 per cent recyclable and refillable formula contains only natural ingredients and is free from parabens, SLS, artificial fragrance and propylene glycol. Dubbed “the world’s kindest deodorant” by its creators, the brand gets extra brownie points from us as every deodorant sold goes to fund the collection of plastic bottles from our oceans.

勝利 & Disaster blanco deodorant

ベスト: For simple ingredients

Founded by retired New Zealand professional cricketer Dion Nash, 勝利 & Disaster is the modern-day Down Under export to know. Designed to limit excess moisture and “control bad aromas”, Blanco oozes fresh citrusy notes reminiscent of a lazy hazy summer spent on The Med. What’s in the box? Expect a stick crammed full of kawakawa (New Zealand pepper tree), bergamot oil (a citrus loaded with anti-inflammatory properties), lime oil (a cleansing agent great for oily, congested or acne-prone skin) and organic lavender, simply because it smells nice. Delivered in a roll-on applicator, another bonus is that it doesn’t affect the body’s natural excretion or heating systems. It might sound like jargon, but the happier your pores are now, the fewer problems you’re likely to have long-term.

Kiehl’s body fuel antiperspirant

ベスト: For gym-goers

If you find yourself getting drenched with sweat in the gym, Kiehl’s body fuel antiperspirant is just the tonic. The fast-drying roll-on has a fresh, energising aroma infused with caffeine, vitamin C and zinc that gives blokes a staggering 48 hours of protection. Aside from its wow-factor formula, it’s easy to pack and conceal, and glides along the pits near enough effortlessly.

評決: Deodorant for men

その価格のために, long-lasting formula and precision that actually works, Vichy’s homme extreme control 72-hour anti-perspirant deodorant gets our pick of the best deodorants on the market today. On the luxury side of things, there’s no comparison to the Neroli Portofino deodorant stick courtesy of Tom Ford.


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