Storm Arwen traps customers in Britain’s highest pub for third night

Storm Arwen traps customers in Britain’s highest pub for third night
Everyone in ‘good spirits,’ says manager who is one of those stranded

Staff at a pub cut off by snow were preparing a karaoke evening on Sunday as they expect guests to be unable to escape for a third night.

Mais que 60 people spend two nights camped out at Britain’s highest bar due to heavy snowfall brought on by Storm Arwen.

Customers first became stranded at the Tan Hill Inn, no Yorkshire Dales, on Friday night after going to watch an Oasis tribute band called Noasis.

Those staying at the inn, which is 1,732ft above sea level, woke up to around 3ft of snow.

Due to a fallen power line and snow blocking the main routes out, they have been unable to leave since.

Images shared on social media show cars buried under masses of snow.

The pub’s owner Mike Kenny said his staff were recommending anyone in the pub to “stay put” rather than risk driving and put themselves in danger.

“No one is going anywhere yet,” Mr Kenny told the Manchester Evening News. “The police advised we all stay put for now. Our snowplough is snowed in!”

The 17th century pub is around 10 miles from the nearest main roads, but the lanes leading to it had been blocked by snow or fallen power lines.

Revellers were forced to sleep inside after getting snowed in at the Tan Hill Inn in Richmond, Yorkshire

Enquanto isso, Nicola Townsend, the pub’s manager, said everyone had remained in good spirits.

Ela disse 61 people had spent a second night there, com muitos, including members of the tribute band, having to set up camp in the pub’s lounge.

Ms Townsend said 40 were pre-booked guests while others had gone to the pub for a drink on Friday.

She added staff had put on activities to keep people entertained, including a quiz and board games, and people had enjoyed a “chilled night”.

One guest, Martin Overton, told the BBC that the atmosphere was “very good” with “plenty of beer available”.

The inn has been buried in enormous snowdrifts

A esposa dele, Stephanie, adicionado: “I’m quite chilled about being stranded, it’s quite exciting but we’re missing our son who is with his nana. I am wondering how long we will be here for though.”

Storm Arwen’s severe conditions have left around 6,000 homes in northern England and Scotland without power.

Police in northeast Scotland declared a major incident over the weekend and warned disruption could last for “several days”.

Residents in North Yorkshire, where the Tan Hill Inn is located, have been some of the worst affected by the weather.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said on Sunday they had been called to fallen power cables, in areas such as Hunmanby, Kilburn and High Birstwith.

Yellow weather warnings for snow and ice remain in place as well as several flood warnings on the county’s coast.

Em outro lugar, one of the three people in the UK killed by falling trees during the high winds caused by Storm Arwen has been named.

Francis Lagan, a “renowned educationalist and civic leader”, was killed when a tree struck his car while travelling along the Dublin Road in County Antrim, Irlanda do Norte, with his wife and two of their children on Friday.

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