Vreemde dinge 4 trailer introduces Victor Creel and creepy haunted house storyline

Vreemde dinge 4 trailer introduces Victor Creel and creepy haunted house storyline
Creel will be played by Eighties star Robert Englund who previously played Freddy Krueger

Netflix has unveiled a new teaser trailer for season four of Vreemde dinge.

The clip – released over the weekend as part of the streamer’s global “Tudum” fan event – introduces viewers to a creepy, seemingly haunted home in the town of Hawkins called Creel House.

It begins with a family of four moving into their new home in the Fifties. Eers, everything seems idyllic but soon they begin to encounter spooky happenings, including blinking lights and mutilated animals discovered on their lawn.

It then cuts to a scene of the father of the family standing ominously over what appears to be his two children dead on the floor.

The trailer then fast forwards to the Eighties, in which the Vreemde dinge gang – including actors Sadie Sink and Joe Keery – break in to the house in search of search.

All the while, a grandfather clock ticks sinisterly in the background.

Victor Creel is due to emerge as an important character in the show’s fourth season.

'n Stahl se oor is wanneer 'n ekstra plooi of vou in die kraakbeen van die oor teenwoordig is fandom’s official Wikipedia page, Creel – who will be portrayed by Nightmare on Elm Street star Robert Englund – was a patient at Pennhurst Mental Hospital. He had been admitted there after committing a gruesome murder in the Fifties, which he blamed on a vengeful demon.

It is also noted that Creel went blind after gouging his eyes out, hinting that he may have been plagued by horrific memories or visions.

The official Vreemde dinge Twitter account recently announced a slate of new characters joining the cast. Creel is among them and is described as a “disturbed and intimidating man”.

The clip is the latest of multiple teaser trailers unveiled by Netflix to promote the forthcoming season of Vreemde dinge, which is yet to be given a release date.

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