Ex-girlfriend fled to Dubai to escape ‘abusive’ former footballerfollow trial live

Ex-girlfriend fled to Dubai to escape ‘abusive’ former footballer - follow trial live
The 10-day trial continues as former Manchester United star stands accused of assaulting Kate Grevillehe denies the charges against him

<p>Former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs leaves Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court (ダニーローソンp PA)</p><p>Former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs leaves Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court (ダニーローソンp PA)</p>

Former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs leaves Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court (ダニーローソン/ PA)

The court has been listening to an interview Ryan Giggs’ ex-girlfriend Kate Greville gave to police following claims of his abusive and coercive behaviour toward her.

The jury heard on the second day of the trial how Ms Greville fled to Dubai to escape Mr Giggs after he became “abusive” during their affair.

She told the police that he she tried to end the affair with Mr Giggs who she thought was her “soul mate.” However, she told an officer that he became abusive and would turn up at her apartment calling her a “w***e” and accusing her of sleeping with other people.

“I made the decision to leave to Abu Dhabi and people would talk about it at work and my boss sat me down and asked me outright if anything was going on," 彼女は言いました.

“It was affecting my work, it wasn’t good for me.”

Mr Giggs has pleaded not guilty to all charges.


Kate Greville claimed Ryan Giggs ‘dragged’ her out of a hotel room naked

Kate Greville accused Ryan Giggs of dragging her out of a hotel room in London and locking her out naked after he accused her of flirting with other women.

“I don’t know whether he did it to make me jealous. He would completely ignore me and he would speak to everybody else. He would also flirt with my friends.”

Later she challenged him and claimed that Mr Giggs told her it was “over” and that she should apologise.

“I ended up saying sorry because he made me feel that bad,” 彼女は言いました. She alleges that in the hotel room that Mr Giggs £kicked me in the back so hard that I flew off the bed and landed on the floor”.

She then claims he “dragged” her while naked into the suite area of the room.

“He got my bag with my laptop and threw it at my head.”

She claims that Mr Giggs then locked her out of the hotel room naked, before letting her back in about 10 minutes later and later having sex.

After challenging him about the alleged bag throwing, she claimed Mr Giggs replied: “He was like ‘yeah, because you accused me of flirting’”.


Ryan Giggs threw laptop bag at ex-girlfriend’s head, 裁判所は聞く

Kate Greville says Ryan Giggs was staring at another woman during a night out in London around Christmas 2019.

She tells the officer that after she accused him of flirting, Giggs told her: “You apologise right now or we’re over.”

In one alleged incident, she says Mr Giggs threw a bag with her laptop in at her head.

She says when she confronted Giggs about it, 彼は言った: “You made me do it.”


‘It was like he was two people,’ Ms Greville told detectives

PR executive Kate Greville, 36, told detectives it was “almost like was he was two people” during their relationship.

Ms Greville was interviewed by police weeks after she alleged he headbutted her in November 2020.

Both were married when their affair started, 彼女は言いました, and she was unhappy in a controlling relationship with her husband.

彼女は言いました: “He would tell me about his marriage and he was not happy, I would talk about mine. Things developed from there and we started to have an affair. I left my husband two months later.

“He was like a best friend, a soul mate, he was the one to save me from that marriage. It was more than a sexual thing.

“It was like he was my best friend but there were definite red flags.”

She said Mr Giggs told her he needed more time to end his marriage with then wife Stacey. Eventually she gave him an ultimatum but nothing changed and she decided to move to Abu Dhabi to “get away from him”.


Court adjourns

The court has adjourned due to technical issues and will return shortly for the rest of Ms Greville’s police testimony.


‘He would tell me I was finished,’ Ms Greville told police

Kate Greville said she would go through cycles of abuse and coercive behaviour from Mr Giggs.

“Because he projects everything onto me, I feel wrong for accusing him, I feel bad so I’d apologise," 彼女は言いました. “He would constantly tell me I’m psycho and paranoid. He would say I need to trust him for the relationship to work.”

She told police that the relationship ended toward the end of 2018 but she continued to work for him and would still pursue her sending her “naughty pictures” of them together.

“He would message my friends to get to me. He would pressurise me for sex, he would show up at my flat, he would send me sexual messages or pictures,” Ms Greville said.

“I’d constantly get abusive messages if I hadn’t replied to him or if he thought I’d been seeing someone else.

“This was going on in a cycle across four months in 2019. He was threatening my job, I was worried he was going to ruin my career so I would give in. He would tell me I was over and I was finished.”


‘He would stop the car and leave me in the road,’ ex-girlfriend told police

Kate Greville told police that around Christmas 2018, Mr Giggs would become really abusive and she had a “horrific” time with his ex-wife Stacey.

“I would try and talk to him about and he would just literally scream and shout at me,” Ms Greville said. She added that he would storm out of her flat and at times stop the car and leave her in the middle of the road.

Ms Greville said she felt that “something wasn’t right” in the relationship and wouldn’t bring up issues in the relationship or suspicions that he was seeing other people.


Giggs threw ex-girlfriend out of hotel room ‘naked,’ ex-girlfriend told police

The jury is hearing Kate Greville’s report to police outlining her allegedly abusive relationship with Ryan Giggs.

She recalled a situation at a club in Dubai where Mr Giggs had first been physically aggressive with her. She said in the middle of 2017 while in the club she asked Mr Giggs if he was messaging another girl on his phone to which he became very angry and “flipped” Ms Greville said. She added that he began to abuse her verbally and stormed out of the club and she followed him.

She said they continued the conversation in the hotel and he “flipped” again and grabbed her hand “tightly” throwing her out of the hotel suite naked with her belongings.

“It was embarrassing,” Ms Greville told the police.


Giggs’ ex-wife and daughter contacted ex-girlfriend to come clean about affair, 裁判所は聞く

Ryan Giggs’ ex-wife and daughter sent Kate Greville messages after the affair had come out in the media, Ms Greville said in the video being played to the jury.

Ms Greville said she blocked him from all social media after the media furore but Mr Giggs persisted and messaged her friends to get through to her.

She added that she eventually began speaking to the former footballer who confessed to being in love with her and wanted to start a family with her. Ms Greville said he travelled to Dubai where she was living at the time towards the end of 2016.


‘I thought I’d met my best friend,’ ex-girlfriend says

“I thought I’d met my best friend my saviour. He was the one to save me from that marriage and keep me from that marriage,” Kate Greville said in the video played to the jury in court.

She added that she and Mr Giggs would talk for hours and were very close before he became abusive and would show up at her apartment trying to force himself in calling her abusive names such as a “w****” and accusing her of sleeping with other people.

She said these were the red flags in the relationship with the man she thought she loved, 裁判所は聞いた.


The police interview with Ryan Giggs’ former girlfriend Kate Greville is now being shown to the jury. It was recorded after the alleged assault at his home in Worsley in November 2020.

Ms Greville says she met Mr Giggs in 2013 while she was working for a PR agency. She was married at the time. In the police interview she said she wasn’t happily married, it was a controlling relationship. Over months Giggs started to show more attention towards her.