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Secret settlement between Prince Andrew accuser and Epstein to be made public

Secret settlement between Prince Andrew accuser and Epstein to be made public
Duke of York will seek to dismiss civil lawsuit in early January

A settlement agreement between convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein en Virginia Giuffre, an alleged trafficking victim who has accused Prins Andrew of sexual abuse, is set to be made public.

Judges in the US ordered its release on Wednesday, finding no reason for it to remain secret.

The agreement bears directly on Ms Giuffre’s civil lawsuit against the Duke of York, in which she accuses him of sexual abuse on multiple occasions in London, Manhattan, and the US Virgin Islands in 2001.

Andrewwho has not been charged with any crimehas categorically denied the allegations. He will seek to dismiss the civil lawsuit at a hearing on 4 Januarie 2022.

Two US district judges in Manhattan ordered for the settlement agreement between Ms Giuffre and Epsteinwho committed suicide in August 2019 – to be released ahead of the hearing.

District Judges Lewis Kaplanwho is overseeing Ms Giuffre’s lawsuit against Andrewand Lorretta Preskawho has oversight of Ms Guiffre’s lawsuit against Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitzsaid the agreement should be made public on or around 3 Januarie.

Vroeër hierdie week, the prince’s lawyer called for a halt in the civil seksuele aanranding proceedings against the royal as he claimed Ms Giuffre is not a US resident.

Ms Giuffre’s lawyer said it was “another in a series of tired attempts” by the royal to “duck and dodge the legal merits of the serious case”.

Earlier in December, the Duke of York’s lawyer argued for the civil claim to be thrown out by claiming Ms Giuffrewho is seeking unspecified damageshad a “tortured interpretation” of the law.

Ms Giuffre, who claims she was trafficked by convicted sex offender Epstein, is seeking unspecified damages in the civil sexual assault lawsuit against Andrew.

Her lawsuit claims she was forced to have sex with Andrew when she was under the age of 18 and legally a minor under US law at the London home of Maxwell, and also accuses the prince of abusing her at two of Epstein’s homesall of which Andrew has denied.

Maxwell was found guilty of five charges in a sex trafficking trial at a US court op Woensdag.