Celebrate their new abode with housewarming gift they’ll actually want

Celebrate their new abode with housewarming gift they’ll actually want
From jam-packed hampers to trendy décor, these are the best housewarming gifts to welcome them home, from Oliver Bonas, 自由, The White Company and more

Moving into a new place, whether it’s a first-time purchase, rented apartment or student digs, is a momentous occasion and, while it can be a stressful time being surrounded by cardboard boxes and nothing to sit on but an X-chair, it’s an exciting one that’s worthy of celebrating.

If you know someone that’s upping sticks, a housewarming gift is a great way to give them a big ol’ pat on the back and help them start to transform their new pad into a cosy .

But what should you get them? While there’s nothing wrong with rocking up to their front door wielding a bottle of their favourite wine that you grabbed from the corner shop, there are more thoughtful ways to mark this next chapter in their life.

The best housewarming gifts, 私達の意見では, are those that toe the line between practical and indulgent, from everyday items with a stylish spin to decorative elements and boujee gadgets they might not necessarily think to buy for themselves.

While asking if there’s anything they need is an option, we think it’s best to keep an element of surprise, so if you’re stuck on inspiration think about their interests or the type of items that filled their previous abode.


Do they love to entertain or prefer to spend their Saturday nights with a dose of self-care in the tub? Are they proud 工場 parents or budding chefs? Whichever camp your recipient falls into, we’ve got you covered with our guide to the best housewarming gifts.


There’s something on this list for everyone at every price point, from welcoming home fragrances and jazzy vases to mouth-watering treats, artsy décor and aesthetically pleasing 家電. As interior obsessives, we put each item through its paces, taking into consideration quality, 価格, design and how much of a difference they made to our living space.

The best housewarming gifts for 2022 です:

  • 全体的に最高 – The White Company Seychelles home scenting set: £65, Thewhitecompany.com
  • Best for tea drinkers – Smeg 50s retro kettle: £139, Amazon.co.uk
  • Best for arty types – Lex Pott twist candle: £28, Libertylondon.com
  • Best bathroom towels – Dusk Monaco towel set: £30, Dusk.com
  • Best for plant lovers – Beards & Daisies Chinese money plant: £15, Beardsanddaisies.co.uk
  • Best decorative accessory – Anthropologie Elnaz Nourizadeh soul of colours vase: £66, Anthropologie.com
  • Best hamper –フォートナム & Mason housewarming hamper: £130, Fortnumandmason.com
  • Best mirror – Courthouse Interiors oval braided mirror: £54.95, Courthouseinteriors.com
  • Best practical gift – Eleanor Bowmer bright leopard print tea towel trio: £33, Eleanorbowmer.co.uk
  • Best doormat – Oliver Bonas Hello striped doormat: £19.50, Oliverbonas.com

The White Company Seychelles home scenting set

ベスト: 全体

評価: 10/10

When it comes to housewarming presents, it’s hard to go wrong with something from The White Company and, if you’ve ever been to one of the brand’s stores, you’ll know just how inviting its fragrances are. Scent is one of the first things you notice when walking into someone’s home and this set has everything your recipient will need to impress guests with a fancy whiff as they open the front door.

Presented in a chic white gift box, inside you’ll find a candle (which has approximately 28 hours’ burn time), room spray and diffuser (which lasts approximately three months). All will fill your space with one of The White Company’s most popular scents, Seychelles – a warm and welcoming smell that instantly reminds us of being on holiday with notes of orange, coconut and buttery vanilla. We got so many compliments on how nice our home smelt when using these products, even from the postman – and if that’s not the ultimate compliment, we don’t know what is.

Smeg 50s retro kettle

ベスト: For tea drinkers

評価: 10/10

A kettle might be a necessity in every kitchen but we’re of the opinion that they should look good too, which is why we think this retro-inspired number from Smeg makes such a great housewarming gift. Sure to delight both tea and interior lovers alike, the kettle adds an instant dose of aesthetic charm to any worktop and we love the huge array of colours on offer, meaning there’s an option to suit all kitchens – pick from neutral creams to pastel pinks and minimalist black, but our favourite is pistachio green.

Aside from its good looks, it’s a brilliant functional kettle. Designed with a 3,000W power output that means it boils water in no time, it’s easy to pick up and pour, has easy-to-read water level indicators and a capacity of 1.7l, which makes up to seven drinks at once, meaning your recipient will be able to keep all their guests’ mugs full. Other features we loved (yet never knew we needed) were the soft-opening lid that makes for easy filling and the 360-swivel base, which has non-slip feet and a handy cable tidy underneath. If your budget allows, complete the look with the matching toaster (£139, AO.com), あまりにも.

Lex Pott twist candle

ベスト: For arty types

評価: 9.5/10

Candles are a tried-and-true housewarming gift but if the person you’re buying for is likely to have already filled their abode with something fragrant, opt for one they can file under “too good to burn”, 代わりに. When it comes to candles, they don’t get more stylish than this twisted one by award-winning Dutch designer Lex Pott, which you’ve likely seen pop up on your Instagram feed. Super cool and sculptural, the candle combines form, function and fun, and comes in a range of colours, such as orange, ピンク, 緑, purple and blue. We love that it acts as an abstract piece of art that can be placed pretty much anywhere in the home and, if you can bear to light it, it has an impressive burning time of 10 時間.

Dusk Monaco towel set

ベスト: Bathroom towels

評価: 9/10

There’s something about a fresh set of soft, fluffy towels that instantly makes a bathroom feel more luxurious and these ones from Dusk are among the cosiest we’ve ever tried. Ideal for creating a spa-like feeling, the towels are made from soft cotton with a comforting weight of 500gsm. We loved the ribbed design, which makes the towels feel even thicker and means they look really stylish when out on display. We were seriously impressed with the quality and found that the towels looked just as bright after a few machine washes.

The ultimate starter kit, inside this bundle you’ll find a pair of bath towels, hand towels, face cloths and a matching bath mat. Considering the low price, we expect you’ll be adding a bundle to your shopping basket for yourself too once you’ve felt how soft they are.

Beards & Daisies Chinese money plant

ベスト: For plant lovers

評価: 9/10

House plants are often what make a new home feel complete, especially for those who don’t have access to an outdoor space. When it comes to gifting greenery, we recommend opting for a plant that’s easy to care for and comes with a special meaning like this Chinese money plant, which is not only resilient and pet-friendly, but is also said to welcome wealth and fortune to anyone in its path.

We love the perfectly rounded, coin-shaped leaves that are set on long, thin stems, making it a great decorative addition to any room. Its thick, fleshy leaves also retain water better than most others, so even if you’re gifting it to a forgetful or new plant parent, it’s pretty easy to keep alive.

Anthropologie Elnaz Nourizadeh soul of colours vase

ベスト: Decorative accessory

評価: 8.5/10

Flowers are a common gift for anyone that’s just moved home but, with everything still packed in boxes, they often get left to wilt in the sink or become relegated to an unlikely (and unsightly) vessel, such as an empty tin can – not very chic. This is exactly why a vase makes such a great housewarming present.

Designed by Iranian ceramic artist Elnaz Nourizadeh, this vase is a generous size and will instantly bring a touch of colour and life to their table or mantelpiece as it comes handpainted in vivid shades of pink, lime green and azure. Perfect for showing off any gifted blooms or simply displaying as an art piece, it’s something your recipient can proudly put on display in their home for many years to come.

フォートナム & Mason the housewarming hamper

ベスト: Hamper

評価: 8.5/10

If you’re finding it tricky to nail down a present that suits their personal style, a hamper is a fail-safe option that’s guaranteed to please, especially when it’s from Fortnum and Mason. Packed with mouth-watering treats, our favourites were the salted caramel biscuits, which disappeared quickly with a cup of tea but there’s plenty more on offer too, including cupboard staples your recipient can add to their new kitchen like marmalade, 蜂蜜, tea, coffee and even a fancy tea towel. プラス, there’s even a bottle of champagne so they can toast to new beginnings and, if moving houses calls for one thing, it’s a decent bottle of fizz.

The gift that keeps on giving, everything is housed in a signature Fortnum and Mason wicker hamper, which can be used as storage long after all the edibles have been devoured.

Courthouse Interiors oval braided mirror


評価: 8/10

鏡, mirror on the wall, is this the fairest housewarming gift of them all? Mirrors are one of the easiest ways to elevate a room and that’s especially true of this one, which features an artsy twisted braid in pastel-hued resin, creating a stylish frame around the oval-shaped reflective glass.

Available in two colours – coral pink and lilac – it’s a great way to brighten up their living space and will make a stunning addition to bare walls in almost any room, be it a tired hallway or eclectic bedroom. Mirrors also have a handy way of expanding the size of a space, so this would make a particularly good gift for those moving into a small apartment. プラス, we love the idea that your recipient will think of you every time they catch their reflection in it.

Eleanor Bowmer bright leopard print tea towel trio

ベスト: Practical gift

評価: 9/10

Sometimes it’s the most ordinary of items that make an impact in your home and that’s particularly true of this trio of tea towels. Proving that even the most basic of items can always use a touch of style, they come courtesy of textile designer and illustrator Eleanor Bowmer, who is known for her bold and quirky prints. In the set, you’ll find three tea towels made from durable cotton that each feature the brand’s signature leopard print motif in mismatched hues, including purple and green, yellow and blue, and green and orange. A great way to brighten up your recipient’s kitchen, they do the job in hand pretty well too, handling hot dishes and cleaning up inevitable spills easily.

Oliver Bonas Hello striped doormat

ベスト: Doormat

評価: 8/10

If you think a doormat is just for practicality, マンチェスター・ユナイテッドvsトッテナムLIVE. はい, this might not be the most exciting of gifts but if the person you’re buying for is a lover of all things quirky, we think it will be a big hit. Ideal for ushering in the next chapter of their lives, this doormat will not only keep everyone’s shoes clean, thus avoiding any nasty stains on their brand new carpet, but is also a great way to jazz up their front door.

Made from coir – a natural fibre taken from coconut husks – it’s brilliantly robust and features a fun green stripe design with a bold blue outline and navy-toned text that reads “Hello” in the centre. Bright and cheerful, a funky doormat like this one really helps to set the tone for your space and promises to make an instant impression on anyone visiting for the first time.

評決: Housewarming gifts

For a gift that will impress your recipient and any guests that come round to toast their new beginning, you can’t go wrong with The White company’s scenting set, which will help set the tone in every room of their new home. あるいは, everyone loves receiving candles as gifts and Lex Pott’s seriously stylish twist candle is hard to beat.

We also have to mention Smeg’s retro kettle なぜなら, after a long day of moving boxes and furniture, who doesn’t need a hot, refreshing cuppa? Aside from its practicalities though, this is a brilliant gift that will last them for many years and give their kitchen an instant upgrade.


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