Jersey added to US’s ‘very high’ risk list of destinations

Jersey added to US’s ‘very high’ risk list of destinations
Four new locations added to the US health protection agency’s high risk list

The US has added the Channel Island of Jersey to its list of ‘very high’ risk destinations for Covid-19.

The island joined Turkey, Montenegro and the Caribbean island of Dominica as new additions to the highest category, Level 4, on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Travel Recommendations List.

The change appears to be due to an update on the Jersey government’s website, which listed a 14-day rate of 452 cases per 100,000 people on 16 August.

The number of Covid cases in Jersey had previously been listed as ‘unknown’ by the CDC.

Locations move to the CDC’s highest-risk category when they exceed 500 cases per 100,000 residents in a 28-day period.

At the time of writing, Jersey had only published a 14-day figure for the previous month.

The CDC advises US travellers to avoid going to the locations on all of its high risk lists, and warns anyone travelling for essential purposes to ensure they’ve been fully vaccinated before visiting.

The island of Dominica jumped up three categories in the change, announced on Monday – it had previously been listed as Level 1, or low risk.

Turkey and Montenegro both moved up from ‘high risk’ category Level 3.

Mandatory mask-wearing was reintroduced in Jersey on 14 July following a surge in cases.

After a spike in infections around mid July, the island’s Chief Minister John Le Fondre announced that it is unlikely Covid restrictions will be lifted before September.

Current restrictions on the island include mandatory mask-wearing on all public transport and indoor spaces, a limit of 20 adults for indoor gatherings, and eating and drinking only being permitted when seated.