Mother, 29, who refused to get vaccine as she ‘wasn’t afraid of Covid’ dies of virus

Mother, 29, who refused to get vaccine as she 'wasn't afraid of Covid' dies of virus
The mother of three from Port Huron was highly critical of vaccines and mask mandates

A mother who refused to get vaccinated, after posting her opposition to the jab online, has reportedly died from Covid at the age of just 29.

As The Sun reports, Bridget Jackson routinely espoused anti-vax views on Facebook, while also critiquing the wearing of face masks in public spaces.

Bridget Jackson

The Port Huron, Michigan native was then struck down with the virus in late November, turning to her Facebook friends for advice on “lung exercises” that might help.

On 1 December, she then wrote, “Covid sucks”, after previously asking people to pray for her. Three weeks later, Ms Jackson’s sister Danielle Race provided an update on her condition via Facebook.

“She has been in the hospital the last month she’s been fighting covid,” said Ms Race. “As of a couple of days ago she took a turn for the worst and she is on the ventilator 100%.”

Ms Jackson would pass away later that same day, leaving behind her fiancé and three young children. “Bridget’s greatest love was her family who she enjoyed camping and travelling with, but her world revolved around her children,”  the mother’s obituary reads.

Prior to contracting Covid, Ms Jackson did state that she “understands the risk” of not getting vaccinated against the virus. However, in the same Facebook post, she then adds that she doesn’t “prioritize fear over life.”

Bridget Jackson regularly posted about Covid on social media

“Just because we don’t wear a mask doesn’t mean we lack common courtesy or don’t respect you. We simply believe your fear is your issue,” another post read.

The importance of vaccines to help protect against death and severe health problems was underlined once again this week by the White House.

“Even in our updated data, unvaccinated people are at 14 times greater risk of dying from COVID-19 than people who are vaccinated,” said CDC chief Rochelle Walensky in a press briefing this week.

According to the CDC, vaccines remain the best and most effective public health measure to combat Covid. President Joe Biden is also set to begin the new year with a renewed focus on supplying vital lateral flow Covid tests to those that need them, as the Omicron variant infection rate continues to surge.