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Trump til å besøke grensen til Mexico mens han avventer mulige anklager mot sin virksomhet – følg live

Trump til å besøke grensen til Mexico mens han avventer mulige anklager mot sin virksomhet - følg live
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Trump makes a prediction about future of the Mexican border wall

Former US president Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the US-Mexico frontier, where he will promote the Texas governor’s plan to continue building a border wall using funds from the state and the private sector.

His visit comes after months of trips by Republican members of Congress, who have been hammering the Biden administration over a supposed ‘crisis’ in illegal immigration. Kamala Harris, who has been deputised by Joe Biden to work on the immigration issue, made her first visit to the border last week.

Samtidig, Mr Trump is waiting to see if his principal business, the Trump Organization, will be hit with criminal charges by New York authorities. The company is reportedly under legal pressure over its handling of ‘fringe benefits’ paid to top executives, among them some of Mr Trump’s oldest allies.

The potential charges are part of a years-long probe into Mr Trump’s business dealings that has seen the Manhattan District Attorney convene a Grand Jury to weigh up possible cases against the former president and his associates.


Trump rally blocked by local officials for being too “political”

Donald Trump planned to spend 4 July rallying the faithful at a rally in Mobile, Alabama – but has had to cancel the event after local officials denied him a rally permit over concerns about the political tone of the event.

It’s a setback to the president’s return to the “campaign” trail, which kicked off in earnest with a recent rally in Ohio.

John Bowden has more.

Trump July 4th rally in Alabama cancelled by concerned local officials

Officials worried event would be too ‘partisan’

Andrew Naughtie30 juni 2021 09:20

Why Trump is visiting the Mexican border wall

A wall on the Mexican border was Donald Trump’s number one campaign promise in 2016, but was unable to get it built using federal money – or to force Mexico to pay for it, as he many times said he would. I stedet, very little of the proposed wall was built, and Joe Biden has now cancelled construction.

Now out of office and robbed of his social media platform, Mr Trump is today visiting Texas to meet with Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who has promised to use state funds and crowdfunding to continue building the wall. Also attending will be two-dozen Republican members of Congress – and then Mr Trump will hold a televised town hall event with Fox News’s Sean Hannity.

Andrew Buncombe has the story.

Trump besøker grensen mellom USA og Mexico for å fremme planen om å bygge mur fra private midler

‘Our poor borders, they were so perfect. They were so good’

Andrew Naughtie30 juni 2021 09:05

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Velkommen til Den uavhengige’s coverage of Donald Trump’s return to public campaigning – and his growing legal problems. Stay with us for the latest updates and analysis.

Andrew Naughtie30 juni 2021 08:58