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‘Pushback’ of refugee boats will go ahead despite drownings, Boris Johnson vows

‘Pushback’ of refugee boats will go ahead despite drownings, Boris Johnson vows
Tactic was thrown into doubt by complex rules – while MPs and peers warn of more tragedies to come

Controversial plans to “push back” refugee boats in the English Channel will go ahead, ten spyte van 27 deaths last week and mounting legal challenges, Boris Johnson has vowed.

The tactic had been thrown into doubt by complex rules drawn up by the Huis kantoor – suggesting Priti Patel might back down in the face of widespread protests.

En a report by a parliamentary committee warned of more tragedies to come, because the policy would make Channel crossings “even more dangerous”.

But the prime minister doubled down on the plan in the Commons, as he claimed a vote on legislation next week is a test of Labour’s willingness to act on illegal immigration.

“It gives us the power to make the distinction, at last, between illegal and legal migrants to this country,” Mr Johnson told Keir Starmer

“It gives Border Force the power to turn people back at sea and it gives us the power to screen people and send them for screening overseas, rather than in this country.”

Mr Johnson also pledged to “review the human rights system”, while ducking a Tory backbencher’s call to axe the Human Rights Act altogether.

Die Onafhanklike revealed that any operations would have to meet numerous conditions, including the presence of French authorities to receive vessels.

When questioned about the legality of the planned operations, Ms Patel said a “framework” had been drawn up but admitted: “There is a narrow basis for the operationalisation of this tactic.”

Several charities, including Care4Calais and Channel Rescue, are involved in legal challenges, arguing that the plans are unlawful under human rights and maritime laws.

Labour opposes both the pushback policy and the Home Office’s as yet unsuccessful attempts to find a country that will accept UK asylum seekers for processing.

Intussen, Ms Patel has bowed to pressure to protect the RNLI and other charities from being prosecuted for rescuing asylum seekers in the Channel.

New laws would make it a criminal offence to “facilitate the entry of asylum seekers” by taking them ashore, even if not done for payment or any sort of criminal gain.

The home secretary has now tabled an amendment to the Nationality and Borders Bill creating a specific legal exemption for rescuers.

In the Commons, Mr Johnson was challenged to go further by the Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell, wie het gesê: “We will not be able to stop the endless waves of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel until we break free from the constraints of the European Convention on Human Rights, which impedes our ability to tackle this tragic situation and protects even the most violent of criminals from being deported.

“It’s time to take back control and fulfil our manifesto commitment in 2015 to get rid of Labour’s Human Rights Act and bring in a British bill of rights.”