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We’ve just found a cheap price for Apple’s all-new AirPods

We’ve just found a cheap price for Apple’s all-new AirPods
Whether it’s the new 3rd gen headphones or AirPods pro, these are the cheapest prices and deals on Apple’s earbuds in the UK from Amazon, John Lewis e mais

Cast your mind back to the middle of 2010, when Bluetooth headphones were slowly but surely entering the tech world, you’ll likely remember the negative connotations associated with them. Mas hoje, you can’t go far without seeing someone wearing a pair of white shiny earbuds.

There really is no denying that maçã led the way when it released its AirPods dentro 2016. It blew its competitors out of the water with the AirPods pro dentro 2019, and has done so yet again with its newly launched AirPods 3 (was £169, now £157,

The latest line of earbuds have a new range of impressive features that make them an improvement on the OG AirPods. They have a shorter stem, have longer battery life (six hours) and much like the AirPods Pro boast spatial audio and the tech giant’s adaptive EQ feature.

Despite being up there as the most sought-after pairs of earphones, the all-new AirPods (was £169, now £157,, the second generation AirPods (era £ 119, now £109, and AirPods pro (was £239, now £187, are all currently on sale, with their once eye-watering price tags having been slashed.

Having revisado all the brand’s earbuds, we can testify for their performance and that they are a worthy investment, even more so when on offer. Read on to find out how you can secure a new pair of hifi earbuds at a cheap price.

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Apple AirPods, 3rd gen: Was £169, now £157,

The third generation AirPods might lack some of the features of the AirPods pro, such as active noise cancellation, but they strike the perfect balance between comfort, function and audio quality.

Na nossa AirPods 3 Reveja, our tester noted that they were a “very big step up from the second generation model”, adding that the “improved audio is noticeable, especially with spatial audio and the new shape”. This deal on the all-new AirPods is rare, so grab this discount while you can.

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Apple AirPods, 2nd gen: Was £119, now £109,

After Apple removed the headphone port from its iPhone devices, the tech giant launched its first wireless earbuds in 2016. These distinctive earphones featured in our review of the melhores fones de ouvido sem fio, with our writer noting that they are “some of the very lightest in-ears you can find”.

“The design is unchanged since day one, but improved electronics inside mean that, like on the pro model, you can say, 'Ei, Siri’ to invoke the virtual assistant without even touching the earbuds,”Eles adicionaram.

Unlike the AirPods pró, there’s no silicone ear tip nor noise-cancelling technology. “Even so, audio quality is very good, as is call quality, which works even if you only use one earbud,” elogiou nosso escritor. Claro, these are not cheap, so it pays to get them while they’re on sale.

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Apple AirPods pro: Custava 239 £, now £187,

In response to the one-size-doesn’t-fit-all issue with their predecessors, Apple launched this pair of earbuds. Mostly retaining the same design as the OG AirPods, our writer noted they have a “heightened level of finesse” in our in-depth review of the AirPods pro. As high-end earphones go, these are “difficult to find much fault in”, eles disseram.

As for the audio quality, they have a “lovely, warm sound to them, beautifully balanced across the register” and the “adaptive EQ automatically tunes low and mid frequencies to the shape of your ear, which kicks in the longer you listen”. The active noise cancellation is “impressive”, “shutting out the majority of ambient noise, and dampening any sound that gets through”. With money off such a high-quality pair of headphones, we’d recommend snapping up this deal ASAP.

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