Dozens of vehicles crash along icy stretch of interstate in Wisconsin, police say

Dozens of vehicles crash along icy stretch of interstate in Wisconsin, police say
Wisconsin governor urged people to be safe amid dangerous road conditions

A multi-vehicle pile-up of dozens of vehicles, including semi-tractor trailers, happened on Thursday morning along an icy stretch of Wisconsin interstate due to hazardous conditions caused by freezing rain, police said.

The crash led to the closure of both eastbound and westbound lanes on I-94 near the town of Northfield in Jackson County as the crews cleared the scene, the Wisconsin State Patrolsaid in a statement.

“The closure is expected to last into the evening,” the statement added.

The Wisconsin State Police said that icy conditions along the interstate in Dunn, Eau claire, Trempleau and Jackson Counties have caused a “number of crashes and run-off” and they are investigating them.

“Thankfully, there were no fatalities and all other reported injuries appear to be non-life threatening. Several dozen vehicles were involved, including semi-tractor trailers,” the statement added.

Initial reports indicated that more than 100 vehicles were involved in the crash. But the State Patrol said it can be around 40.

Visuals on local televisions showed a long trial of vehicles, including trailers, standed after colliding with each other and smoke emanating from one of the vehicles.

Wisconsin Rapid Tribune reported that a semi-truck trailer was on fire when emergency personnel arrived on the scene with two two passenger vehicles underneath it.

Wisconsin governor Tony Evers also took notice of the crash and urged people to be cautious.

“Folks, there are some dangerous road conditions out there, including in western Wisconsin where we’ve had accidents this morning. Please be safe and take good care if you’re traveling today,” Mr Evers posted on his official Twitter.

Roy Eckberg, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Green Bay that a mix of precipitation, including sleet of ice, snow, and freezing rains have caused this condition of the west side of the state and continues to spread into the northeast.

He said untreated roads are at the risk of becoming slippery and ice-covered while advising the drivers to drive slow in such conditions.