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Americans among most dissatisfied, want overhaul in politics, economy, health sector

Americans among most dissatisfied, want overhaul in politics, economy, health sector
Despite a large number of Americans calling for political changes, not many are hopeful

Americanos are among the most dissatisfied with their government, according to a new survey of advanced countries by Pew Research Centre survey.

Eighty five per cent of adults in US who were surveyed wanted significant changes in their political system, enquanto 76 per cent wanted changes to the healthcare system and 66 per cent wanted major changes in the economy.

A pesquisa, which was conducted across 17 advanced economies in February 2021, comes as countries across the world grapple with the Covid pandemia, and shows the impact of the coronavirus crisis on attitudes toward democracy and social reform.

“A median of 56% believe their political system needs major changes or needs to be completely reformed,” the survey found. “Roughly two-thirds or more hold this view in Itália, Espanha, the United States, Coreia do Sul, Grécia, França, Belgium and Japão.”

Citizens in 13 do 17 surveyed countries said that their political systems needed major changes.

Enquanto 85 per cent of surveyed Americans called for complete political reform, the numbers were worse in Italy (89 por cento) and Spain (86 por cento).

Despite the large number of Americans calling for changes in the political system, not many were hopeful — a trend reflected in other countries as well. Pelo menos 58 per cent of Americans and South Koreans said that they were skeptical of changes to the political system. Respondents in Italy (73 por cento), Espanha (64 por cento) and Greece(58 por cento) expressed similar views.

Apenas 41 per cent of Americans are satisfied with how the democracy is functioning, the survey revealed.

The US also had the second largest number of citizens calling for changes in healthcare. Tantas como 76 per cent of surveyed Americans wanted changes in healthcare system, second only to Greece, Onde 77 per cent sought healthcare reforms.

Among the surveyed Americans, more Democrats or Democrat-leaning independents wanted healthcare reforms in comparison to Republicans or Republican-leaning independents.

The survey also showed widespread discontent among Americans about economic recovery. Aproximadamente 66 per cent in the US expressed discontent with the economy. Only citizens in Italy (85 por cento), Grécia (84 por cento), Espanha (83 por cento) and South Korea (72 por cento) were more dissatisfied with the economy than Americans, the survey found.

It also revealed that in the US, 80 per cent of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents think that major economic recovery is needed in comparison to 50 per cent of Republican and Republican-leaning independents.