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Anti-vaxxers storm Burger King in New York City

Anti-vaxxers storm Burger King in New York City
Group also claimed that the fast food outlet was a ‘public space’

Around half a dozen “anti-vaxxers” were caught on video bringing a Burger King in Brooklyn, New York Stad, to a standstill during a demonstration.

The demonstrators, who appeared to be wearing Star of David badges, was seen shouting at Burger King staff and customers before police arrived at the branch on Monday night.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) vertelDie Onafhanklike on Tuesday that five people were arrested, tussen bejaardes 36 en 44.

A demonstrator alleged in one video that “mandates are not laws”, in apparent derision of New York City’s mandates requiring vaccines for many workers and for access to indoor venues such as restaurants and theatres.

Another was heard yelling “discrimination” after Burger King staff refused to serve the demonstrators, one of whom was also wearing a jumper with an image of civil rights leader Martin Luther King (MLK).

Members of the NYPD meanwhile told the demonstrators to leave the premises at the request of the manager, but apparently refused to do so.

Shouting continued until police made arrests, including that of the man who was wearing an image of MLK on his jumper and had screamed: “Who’s willing to lock in arms with me….I wanna know, who will lock in arms with me”.

Republican figures have recently used the civil rights leader’s comments on racial justice and equality to defend their opposition to “critical race theory” without mentioning his activism and campaigning – sparking condemnation from MLK’s family.

Demonstrators and opponents of Covid health measures have at times made references to the Holocaust and Nazi Germany when attacking rules – often by wearing a Star of David, which was forcibly worn by Jews during WWII.

Such actions have been widely condemned.

A woman was also caught shouting “Lets go Brandon”, a catchphrase that began as a conservative critique of US President Joe Biden but has become a meme in its own right.

The Burger King demonstration comes after six arrests were made earlier at a sit-in at a Cheesecake Factory in Queens, New York Stad, which was also carried out by so called anti-vaxxers.

Those arrested were Michael Mitchell, 36, Augusto Alarcon, 39, Ethan Boisvert, 41, Mitchell Bosch, 41, and Bradford Solomon, 44.

Die Onafhanklike has approached Burger King for comment.