加重毛布の利点には、不安の軽減や夜の睡眠の改善などがあります。. Simbaから最良のオプションを見つけました, サイレントナイトなど

The past two years have been among the toughest in living memory. As Covid-19 spread around the world, people – understandably – have become more stressed and 気になる than ever. そう, it’s little wonder that weighted blankets have become a popular choice for people looking for a product to help soothe them into a peaceful slumber.

Sensory weighted blankets and clothing are nothing new; セラピストは、自閉症や注意欠陥多動性障害を持つ人々を助けるために10年以上それらを使用してきました. しかし、毛布は最近主流の消費者市場に実際に打撃を与えただけです, 人々が彼らがどれほど慰めを見つけたかを共有し始めたとき.

They are typically filled with thousands of tiny glass beads that apply light pressure to the user, making them feel almost like a wearable hug. Some studies have shown that nearly a quarter of trial subjects reported reduced anxiety after use, and they can be used to help aid a calmer night’s sleep.

Finding the right weighted blanket for you is crucial to enjoying the potential benefits. The most important factor is identifying the best weight, which can be done by determining 10 per cent of your body weight and going for one nearest to that measurement. The rest – size and materials – is a matter of personal choice.


We found several weighted blankets and enlisted a number of testers of different weights to trial their effectiveness at calming, soothing and enhancing sleep. Each blanket that made it through to be part of this round-up has been rated after we considered other factors too, including the style, quality and make of its cover (if it had one), holding power of the internal ties to keep the weighted blanket inside its cover, ease of care and price.


に最適な加重毛布 2022 です:

  • 全体的に最高 – Mela chill weighted blanket, ダブル, 7kg: £120,
  • Best luxury weighted blanket –シンバ軌道, シングル, 6.8kg: £169,
  • オプションに最適 – Karmara karma comfort, herby, queen, 6kg: £100,
  • Best faux fur weighted blanket – Echor luxe weighted blanket, 9.1kg: £109.99,
  • Best for hot sleepers – Emma hug weighted blanket, 7kg: £199,
  • Best cotton weighted blanket – Espa grey cotton weighted blanket, 4.5kg: £90,
  • 子供に最適 – Snoozzzy dinosaur weighted blanket, 7ポンド: £85から
  • 最高の予算購入 –サイレントナイト加重ブランケット, 9kg: £69.99,

Mela chill weighted blanket, ダブル, 7kg

ベスト: 全体

評価: 10/10

  • Sizes available: Single, ダブル
  • Weights available: 5.5kg, 7kg, 9kg
  • Removable cover included? はい

The number one spot in our weighted blanket review had been held by a competitor for the past year or so, and we thought it would be impossible to topple it, but Mela’s chill has proved us wrong. The main sway for us was its luxurious 100 per cent eucalyptus silk shell surrounding the weighted blanket inner, そしてその 300 thread count outer cover. The fabric is soft and looks remarkably similar to real silk – we’d struggle to differentiate between the two if we weren’t told.

Because it’s what’s inside that counts, the blanket is filled with anti-rustle glass pellets to create its weight. We’ve yet to hear a peep from them after a couple of weeks of use. Another thing that hasn’t changed since we’ve started using the blanket is the fact that the weighted inner is still attached to the cover, thanks to several ties that keep it secured in place despite daily use.

The result of these elements is a super breathable, ultra-comforting blanket that somehow always keeps our tester at the perfect temperature in bed for a restful, restorative night’s sleep. The eucalyptus silk, その間, feels buttery soft and smooth next to the skin. You might also sleep a little better knowing that your purchase could have a positive impact because Mela donates one per cent of profits to the charity Young Minds, and helps protect trees in the Amazon, あまりにも. The eucalyptus is also harvested from regenerative forests and needs 10 times less water than cotton. Wash this blanket’s cover at 30C to keep it as good as new.

Read the full Mela chill weighted blanket review

シンバ軌道, シングル, 6.8kg

ベスト: Luxury weighted blanket

評価: 9.5/10

  • Sizes available: Single
  • Weights available: 6.8kg, 9kg
  • Removable cover included? はい

The firm that brought us perhaps the most-hyped マットレス in history also offers a weighted blanket. And it was this one that is our former best buy for its exceptional quality and sleep-inducing powers. The orbit is made from several elements, including a cushiony layer that envelopes the quilted pockets holding the glass nano-beads for maximum comfort and a machine-washable grey 100 per cent cotton cover.

6.8kgの毛布を試してみたところ、快適で通気性があり、夜通し眠りにつくことができました。, 落ち着きのなさのヒントなし. 確かに, this blanket has been helping us fall asleep every night for well over a year, and the fact that it looks as good today as it did when we first opened the box is a testament to its quality.


Karmara karma comfort, 6kg

ベスト: オプションについて

評価: 8/10

  • Sizes available: Double, queen
  • Weights available: 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg
  • Removable cover included? 番号

The only downside to most weighted blankets is that they are typically one shade and mostly grey. Grey is a fantastic colour because it fits any décor, but sometimes a little colour is needed to brighten your area – and mood. That’s where the Karmara comfort comes in. The handmade weighted blankets come in six different designs, including block colours of deep-sea blue, elephant grey and peppermint paradise green; as well as patterns like Aztec adventure, starry night and herby, which we tested. Herby has a pretty floral and foliage design on one side, and a minty green theme on the reverse.

Each blanket is made from breathable, soft 100 パーセント有機綿, but note that there is no removable cover (although you could always add your own). The absence of a removable cover doesn’t mean they can’t still be kept clean and hygienic, because the blankets are machine washable at 30C. The lack of layers does mean that you can feel the beads inside each quilted pocket, but this is not uncomfortable. We love the freedom of choice that Karmara’s blankets offer, with the gorgeous designs, two sizes and four different weights.

Echor luxe weighted blanket, 9.1kg

ベスト: Faux fur weighted blanket

評価: 8.5/10

  • Sizes available: 150cm x 200cm
  • Weights available: 6.8kg, 9.1kg
  • Removable cover included? はい

Biting cold nights call for a blanket that adds a whole lot of warmth, and this from Echor is as cosy as they come. A plush, astonishingly soft grey velvety faux fur cover encases a weighted blanket that features several layers and pockets that hold the glass beads. This means the weight is distributed evenly over your body to avoid overly heavy spots or lumps. And despite being warm, we didn’t feel too hot under the blanket in bed.

Our tester has taken to using the blanket as a throw on the sofa more than in bed because it’s perfect for dark winter nights in front of your favourite TV show. They have found this the perfect way to wind down before a good night’s sleep and like that the cover is also machine washable on a 30C cycle. 全体, this is a decent quality, comforting blanket at a fantastic price.

Emma hug weighted blanket, 7kg

ベスト: For hot sleepers

評価: 8/10

  • Sizes available: 150cm x 200cm
  • Weights available: 7kg
  • Removable cover included? はい

People who quickly get hot in bed will likely think a weighted blanket is not for them, but our tester is a hot sleeper who keeps one foot out of the covers all year long, and loved how this blanket kept them at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Despite the inner weighted blanket having seven layers to hold and evenly distribute the extra fine glass beads and a cotton shell, it was somehow still really breathable. It also comes with a removable 100 per cent bamboo fibre grey cover.

This was our tester’s first experience with bamboo fabric, and they loved how silky smooth, soft and luxurious it is and that it has an almost cooling feel. Our tester was surprised at how relaxing it was to sleep under the weighted blanket and was able to enjoy the calming effect for a tranquil nights’ sleep without becoming overheated.

The options with this blanket are limited – it comes in one weight and size – but it will be suitable for most users, especially as weighted blankets are typically most comfortable if not shared in bed. There’s also little risk when buying it because Emma gives you 200 nights to decide if it’s right for you and, そうでない場合, will allow you to return the blanket at no cost.

悲しいことに, it’s out of stock right now, but we’ve been assured it should be available again soon. その間, you can sign up for notifications by entering your email address ここに.

Espa grey cotton weighted blanket, 4.5kg

ベスト: Cotton weighted blanket

評価: 7.5/10

  • Sizes available: 150cm x 200cm
  • Weights available: 4.5kg, 7kg, 9kg, 11.5kg
  • Removable cover included? 番号

If only 100 per cent cotton will do in your bed, this weighted blanket is a great option. The grey blanket features a plump, quilted design with an embroidered white contrast logo detail. Each pocket is filled with glass beads to add weight, and we found that it is distributed evenly across the body for maximum cosiness and calming effects.

We like that there are four different weights to choose from, making it easy to find one that is closest to 10 あなたの体重のパーセント, and you don’t pay a premium for a heavier blanket – they are all the same price. But remember that this doesn’t come with a removable cover and can be only spot cleaned with a damp cloth, so we’d recommend adding a cover to keep it in superb condition for the life of the blanket. It will need regular shaking to ensure it is evenly spaced inside, または, you can keep it for use on the sofa only.


ベスト: 子供のための

評価: 9.5/10

  • Sizes available: 2.2kg blankets are 91cm x 122cm, 3.1kg and 4.5kg are 102cm x 152cm
  • Weights available: 5ポンド, 7ポンド, 10ポンド
  • Removable cover included? はい

Snoozzzyは、加重毛布を専門とする子供向けの健康ブランドです。, そのため、その製品は小さな子供たちのニーズを念頭に置いて設計されています. It’s no wonder then that the 7lb (about 3.1kg) 私たちのちっぽけな9歳のテスターが試した毛布は嵐になりました. 彼はかわいいフリースカバーと隆起した楽しいデザインが大好きでした, 裏側の点状の感覚パターン, and he adored the plush owl cuddly toy that comes as an added extra for £7.99.

His parents like that the blanket has eight loops around the edges to keep it in place inside the cover if he wriggles around in bed, and that the cover can be unzipped and popped in the washing machine for cleaning on a cool cycle.

このブランドを特別なものにしているのは、細部へのこだわりと子供の安全への配慮です。. カバーと毛布のステッチ, とジッパー, 安全性を確保するために、開発中に厳格な強度テストを受けました, 使用される染料はすべてホルムアルデヒドを含まない.


ベスト: 予算購入

評価: 8/10

  • Sizes available: 150cm x 200cm
  • Weights available: 6.8kg, 9kg
  • Removable cover included? 番号, but a reversible cover is available as a bundle with the blanket (£69.99,

9kgで, この毛布はヘビー級の一人です, しかし、それは過度に抑圧的ではありません. It is supremely soft on the skin, and the glass beads that give it its weight are evenly distributed thanks to the equally sized stitched pockets. Sleeping beneath it is a joy, and it will send you off to the land of nod fast.

But because the cover is not removable to put in the washing machine, ベッドよりもソファでの使用に最適だと思います. します, しかしながら, feature loops that can be used to tie on your own cover or buy the bundle rather than the weighted blanket alone, which we’d highly recommend if you’re planning to use the blanket in bed. Whichever way you look at it, this is a great quality blanket for a reasonable price.

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加重毛布は、穏やかな圧力を使用して、落ち着きとリラックス感を促進します, 不安感を軽減します. リサ・サンフィリッポ, 心理療法士, ヨガセラピスト兼著者 睡眠回復, 説明します: 「くるみや抱きしめられたと感じたとき, 私たちはより安全でより安全に感じる傾向があります. それは接触感を模倣するかもしれません, それは慰めになることができます。」彼らはまた、不眠症などの睡眠障害を助けることができます.


大人が毎晩加重毛布で寝ることは一般的に安全です–実際, 私たちのテスターは今彼らの下で眠っています シンバブランケット 毎晩. ただし、ニーズに合った適切な毛布を選択することが重要です. ほとんどのメーカーはあなたの毛布が周りにあるべきであると提案します 10 あなた自身の体重のパーセント, しかし、あなたは常に快適に感じる体重を選ぶべきです, 重く感じ始めたら取り外します.

病状や加重毛布の使用について懸念がある場合, 投資する前に医療専門家に相談してください. 加重毛布を使用するときは、幼児は常に監視する必要があります.

Is a weighted blanket better to use instead of a duvet?

それはあなた次第です–羽毛布団を加重毛布に交換したい人もいます, 他の人はそれらの両方を重ねるのが好きです, 特に寒い時期には. サイズが一致する場合, 加重毛布に羽毛布団カバーを使用して、清潔に保つこともできます.

評決: 加重毛布

We knew it would take a lot to change our minds and find something that would prove better than the シンバ軌道, しかし eucalyptus weighted blanket by Mela managed it and just pipped the orbit to the top spot. It was the silk cover that did it for us, and we adore how it feels on our skin in bed. It has yet to fail in lulling us into a deep, restful sleep, and we love how luxurious it looks, despite being reasonably priced.

The orbit is definitely still up there though, and we think it is probably the best blanket for people with a slightly bigger budget. 子供のための, we can’t recommend the Snoozzzy dinosaur weighted blanket highly enough, because it features a fun design and soothing soft cover that will help calm anxious and excitable little ones in need of a deep night’s sleep.


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