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UK Covid hotspots in your area as infections appear to peak

UK Covid hotspots in your area as infections appear to peak
Virus remains most prevalent in Northern Ireland, where one in 16 people were estimated to have been infected last week

N somtotaal van 3.2 million people in private households are estimated to have had Covid in the week to 20 Julie.

This was down by 16 per cent from 3.8 million in the previous week, the first time in two months that total infections have shown a week-on-week fall.

The updated figures from the Kantoor vir Nasionale Statistiek suggested the latest wave of infections in the Verenigde Koninkryk may have peaked, though rates still remain high.

What are the infection figures by UK countries?

Sommige 2.6 million people in England were likely to have tested positive for coronavirus in the week to 20 Julie, the equivalent of around one in 20, het die ONS gesê.

This is down from 3.1 miljoen, or one in 17, a week earlier.

In Skotland, 272,000 people were estimated to have had Covid-19 in the most recent week, or around one in 19. This is down from 340,900, or one in 15.

Wales has seen infections fall to 156,200, or one in 19 mense, af van 183,200, or one in 17.

Noord-Ierland is the only UK nation to have seen a week-on-week rise in prevalence, though the ONS describes the trend as “onseker”.

Infections here have increased to an estimated 113,400 mense, or one in 16, vanaf 88,400, or one in 20.

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Where are the Covid hotspots in England?

The percentage of people testing positive for coronavirus decreased in all regions of England except in the northeast, where the trend was uncertain.

The northwest has the highest percentage of people testing positive, by 5.4 per cent in the week ending 20 Julie.

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What variants are circulating?

Since the end of June 2022, the majority of Covid-19 infections in the UK have been Omicron variants BA.4 or BA.5, with BA.5 comprising 77.7 per cent and BA.4 comprising 17.2 per cent of all sequenced infections in the week ending 17 Julie 2022, het die ONS gesê.