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Get this rare deal on the Apple TV 4K streaming box

Get this rare deal on the Apple TV 4K streaming box
Apple is giving away a £40 gift card with every purchase of its Apple TV 4K streaming device. Here’s how to get the deal in the UK

Mês passado, maçã was running a rare promotion on its Apple TV 4K (2021) streaming device, but not everyone could take part. The tech company was giving away a $50 gift card for every streaming box purchased in the US. And all we could do here in the UK was look on enviously.

But drool no more, because the deal has now been brought to the UK. If you buy an Apple TV 4K between now and 15 agosto, you will receive a £40 Apple gift card. You can use this on any item in the Apple Store, whether that’s a new case for your iPhone 13 or an AirTag or something that you put towards a new iPad or shiny MacBook air M2.

To note – the deal only applies to the first two Apple TV 4K devices you purchase, and you can’t use the value of the gift card to reduce the price of the streaming box itself. It can only be applied to future purchases.

If you’d prefer a discount on the Apple TV 4K over a £40 gift card, then we’ve spotted a few deals at Currys. The retailer is currently selling the 32GB Apple TV 4K (£ 159, and 64GB Apple TV 4K (£179, models for £10 less than on the official Apple Store.

According to a recent report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is reportedly working on a new Apple TV box with an A14 chip and an extra 1GB of RAM, although we don’t know when this new device could arrive.

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If you aren’t already in Apple’s ecosystem, then the Nvidia shield TV pro is our favourite Android TV streaming device, topping our list of the best streaming devices. Amazon is currently selling the device with an 11 desconto por cento (was £199.99, now £178.99,

Mas, if you are all in on Apple and living the Apple lifestyle large, we’ve rounded-up everything you need to know about the Apple TV 4K box and where you can get the deal now.

Apple TV 4K: From £169,

<p>Apple TV 4K device and remote control</p>

Apple TV 4K device and remote control

  • Operating system: tvOS
  • Number of apps: 18,000
  • Tamanho: 98mm x 98mm x 35mm
  • Remote size: 136mm x 35mm x 9.25mm

If you’ve already got a family of Apple devices, you’re going to love the Apple TV 4K, which brings your TV into the fold. Lançado em 2021, the latest model features a faster A12 Bionic chip, support for high-framerate HDR and, claro, that new and improved Siri remote.

“The redesigned Siri remote brings back the round clickwheel, so menu navigation is a breeze,” our writer said in their review of the best streaming devices. “And the virtual assistant has an impressive hit-rate when using voice commands to search across all of your installed streaming apps.

You can use the Apple TV 4K to stream TV shows and movies from all of your favourite platforms, such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and Apple TV Plus. But the Apple TV 4K can also access Apple’s many other services, including your Apple Music account, the App Store, HomeKit and Apple Arcade.

There are also some neat features that can’t be found on other streaming boxes. “You can use your iPhone’s camera to colour-calibrate the display to suit the lighting conditions in your room, or use your iPhone’s security credentials to set the device up without having to enter any fiddly passwords,” our reviewer added. “Small details like these help cement the Apple TV 4K as the natural choice for anyone already invested in the Apple ecosystem.”

There are two different storage sizes available, 32GB and 64G, but the good news is that the gift card promotion applies to both devices.

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