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「あなたの息子は歴史を作った」: アーモーアーベリーの家族と弁護士が終身刑を称賛

「あなたの息子は歴史を作った」: アーモーアーベリーの家族と弁護士が終身刑を称賛
Three white men sentenced to life in prison without parole after 2020 killing of Black man in Georgia

The family of アーマウドアーベリー, whose killers were sentenced to life in prison without parole, thanked the outpouring of community support and commitment of civil rights advocates who have sought justice for his murder.

“I sat in that courtroom for five weeks straight,” his mother Wanda Cooper-Jones told reporters outside Glynn County Courthouse in Brunswick, ジョージア オン 7 1月.

“But I knew we could come out with a victory," 彼女は言いました. “I never doubted it. I know today would come.”

She said the city of Brunswick “thought I would have to fight this fight alone, so they chose to ignore me.”

“They didn’t know I had you guys standing with me," 彼女は付け加えた. “Thank you for standing with my family.”

トラビス・マクマイケル, his father Gregory McMichael and their neighbour William “Roddie” Bryan Jr were sentenced on Friday, nearly two years after chasing the Black 25-year-old jogger in their pickup trucks before fatally shooting him.

人々, who are white, were sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole, after they were convicted of murder in November 2021.

More than two months passed before they were ever charged with a crime, after shooting Mr Arbery at point-blank range with a shotgun, and only after phone-recorded video parked international outrage and allegations that the men committed a “modern-day lynching” of a Black man.

弁護士 Benjamin Crump told reporters outside the courthouse that he is reflecting on “all the Black people who have been lynched in the history of America, ジョージアで, who never, ever got their day in court, nobody ever heard their evidence, and … they never got accountability.”

“Nobody never went to prison for killing them," 彼は言った. "今日, your son made history.”

Attorney Lee Merritt said he was reminded of “so many communities, so many families who are actively denied justice.”

“You all refused to let Ahmaud Arbery’s name die," 彼は言った.

The three men convicted of his murder will return to court for a federal hate crimes trial next mont, 後に 米国司法省 determined they targeted Mr Arbery because of his race.

ジョージア州捜査局によると, ブライアン氏は調査員にトラビス・マクマイケル, アーベリー氏を撃った後, 彼が彼の体の上に立ったときに人種差別的なスラーを使用しました.

4月中, a federal grand jury indicted the men for civil rights violations and attempted kidnapping. McMichaelsはまた、それぞれ1つのカウントを使用して起訴されました, 運ぶ, アーベリー氏を殺すために使用された銃器を振り回す.

The federal indictment also alleges that the men “attempted to unlawfully seize and confine [アーベリー氏] 彼を拘束しようとして彼らのトラックで彼を追いかけることによって, 彼の自由な動きを制限する, 囲い込み、彼の意志に反して彼を拘束する, そして彼の脱出を防ぐ」.

Arbery family attorney Lee Merritt said the family is preparing for that trial, in which “the issue of motivation, the issue of hate, which we believe was motive and a factor behind this murder, is finally addressed,” he told reporters on Friday.

ヘイトクライム裁判での陪審員選考は 7 February in US District Court in Brunswick, ジョージア州–男性がアーベリー氏を殺害してから約2年後 23 2月, 2020.