90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way – fans welcome Armando’s reunion with father

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way – fans welcome Armando’s reunion with father
They have been separated for over a year

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans have been reacting to Armando’s emotional reunion with his father on the show.

Armando and his partner Kenneth were the first gay couple to feature in the franchise in 2020 and the show followed their emotional journey from coming out to setting up their life together.

Series three has so far seen them focus on them planning “the wedding of the year” but in the latest episode, things took a serious turn when Armando was reunited with his father in the show after a significant time apart.

Armando’s father did not react well to his son’s coming out. In the last season, Armando’s father was seen barely interacting with his son.

However, in the latest episode, he can be seen welcoming him home and hugging him and partner Kenneth.

Armando said it was the “longest, warmest hug“ he had ever received from his father.

He later shared a post on Instagram about the reunion, writing: “I had so many thoughts in my head driving to my hometown and a whole year not knowing how my family was feeling. There was specifically so much uncertainty in my head when it came to my dad. I needed that hug he gave me more than he even knows. You all were actually witnesses to the longest, warmest hug I’ve ever gotten from him #truth So many viewers felt that hug themselves and it is so special to me.”

He continued: “We always hear about our segments giving all the feels and I am humbled. One thing Kenny and I have talked about and always made sure of is being truthful, sincere, authentic and real in our daily lives and when filming because we owe it all to you, the viewers and supporters of our journey. We aren’t perfect. Yes we cry a lot (well, mostly Kenny lol) but what better definition of wearing your heart on your sleeve than that. We have gone through real life issues.

“Our families & us have had to adjust in different ways. Situations with depth both difficult & easy but with so much heart put into it.

“Our journey continues, although we cherish good moments like this there are unfortunately many ups & downs still to come and a lot of questions we hope will be answered for all of you & myself this season.

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“Not everything is smooth but that’s life and it’s truly an honour to share our lives, the good, the bad and have the support we have as we navigate life. Big thank you to each and everyone of you. Always be true to yourself.”

Fans have been reacting to the reunion on social media. One fan of the show said they were “pleased to see the progression of Armando’s father” while another added that they spent the episode “bawling” their “eyes out” at the “overwhelming” reunion. You can see more reaction below:

The show returned on Sunday 29 August from 8 pm ET/PT.

Each new episode of the show will be available to stream on Fridays, exclusively on Discovery Plus.